Кузова 1/5 масштаба

#7560 - Кузов багги 1/5 - EU BAJA 5B-1 (некрашеный )

Customize your Baja 5B with your own unique paint scheme using the crystal-clear Baja 5B-1 Buggy complete bodyshell set! Formed from thick polycarbonate plastic, the flexible, strong yet...

Кузова для багги 1/8 масштаба


Add to either the VB-2 Clear bodyshell or your choice of amazing Screenprinted VB-2 bodyshell for a great new look to your Vorza. #160418 VB-2 BUGGY BODYSHELL CLEAR  #160414 ...

Кузова для Монстров 1/8 масштаба

#160107 - GTXL-6 Kingcab Painted Truck Body (Orange/Black)

Get the latest look of the all-new Savage XL 5.9! It's more aggressive, more brutal, but best of all it's super easy to install, either as a replacement for a war-torn GTXL-6 body or

Кузова для Ралли 1/8 масштаба

#160215 - WR8 2001 WRC Subaru Impreza Painted Body (300mm)

Refresh the look of your WR8 with this easy to install replacement body!

Fully painted, detailed and cut out, this replacement body is formed from light, flexible and highly durable...

Кузова для Трагги 1/8 масштаба


Customize your Vorza with this clear bodyshell, ready for you to apply your own personal touch!

High quality polycarbonate with excellent impact resistance - for extra strength and long...

Кузова для багги 1/10 масштаба

#7809 - CB-1 BUGGY BODY

This version of the CB-1 Buggy body is clear so you can paint it yourself in your favorite colors. It comes with decals that are pre-cut for easy application. The large vinyl decal sheet...

Кузова для Трагги 1/10 масштаба

#160069 - Jumpshot SC V2.0 Toyo Edition Printed Body

Refresh the look of your Jumpshot SC with this easy to install replacement body! First featured in a national TV ad campaign, we're delighted to offer the officially licensed and...

Кузова для трековых моделей 1/10 масштаба

#103886 - Кузов туринг 1/10 - NISSAN 350Z HANKOOK (200мм) некрашеный

Fans of full-size drifting can now get the latest custom car creation in the form of the Hankook-sponsored Nissan 350Z body! This 1/10th scale replica of the Gruppe-S/Dynamic Autosports Hankook...

Кузова для трековых моделей 1/12 масштаба

#104505 - Кузов SC 1/12 - DT1 некрашеный

HPI Mini-Trophy owners can customize their trucks with this clear DT-1 body. The DT-1 is a direct replacement body for the Mini-Trophy, molded in crystal clear polycarbonate material for those that

Кузова для Внедорожников 1/18 масштаба

#105526 - Кузов 1/18 для RECON (окрашен и обклеен)

Оригинальные запасные части от HPI с гарантированным качеством для правильного технического обслуживания и легкого ремонта. 

Смотрите совместимость комплекта ниже. 

Кузова для Трековых моделей 1/18 масштаба


Refresh the look of your Micro RS4 with this easy to install replacement body! This is a standard pre-painted replacement body for #120101 - Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R,...

Аксессуары для кузовов

#85613 - Кузовные элементы для тюнинга (TYPE A)

Add some bling to make your car stand out from the crowd with the realistic HPI Body Tuner Kit. You get a large diameter custom chrome exhaust, a detailed front intercooler, and 3 different kinds...


#85612 - Антикрыло GT 1/10 крепежом

Now available from HPI Racing is the GT Wing Set (Type C) for drift cars and touring cars. The GT Wing has an aerodynamic '3D' shape that is popular on real drift cars, and is molded from durable...

Кузова для Микро моделей

#160326 - GT-2XS Painted Truck Body (Orange/Grey)

Refresh the look of your Savage XS with this easy to install replacement body! This is a standard pre-painted replacement body, exactly as it comes on the #160325 Savage XS GT-2XS kit. The body...


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