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#102404 - Конверсионный набор Savage FLUX -> FLUX XL (6061)

Extended chassis & axles/Increase wheelbase & width to Savage XL specs

Снято с производства

This wheelbase conversion set for the Savage Flux contains everything needed to extend the wheelbase and width of the standard Savage Flux to the larger Savage XL size.

The extra size looks great, helps soak up rough terrain and makes the truck more stable.

The set includes TVP chassis plates made from tough 3mm thick 6061 aluminum that are anodized grey. Also included is a longer center dogbone, four wide-stance axles, and all of the necessary screws and pins to make the conversion.

With an extended wheelbase, you will need a new shell to fit. Chose from the range below:
#105132 - 1979 FORD F-150 SUPERCAB BODY
#110546 - GTXL-1 BODY

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