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Extra Large Size!

Updated to be Better than Ever!

The Savage XL is the super-large, massively powerful and extra-tough bigger brother to the Savage monster trucks. With an XtraLong TVP chassis, XtraLong wheelbase, XtraLarge stance and XtraLarge 5.9cc engine, the Savage XL is ready to rock and roll over any kind of terrain right out of the box!

Size Matters!

Bigger in every dimension than all other 1/8th scale monster trucks, the XL is taller, longer and wider, with a longer wheelbase, more ground clearance and tires nearly 7 inches across! It’s based on the nearly indestructible Savage X chassis, but features even more durability upgrades like XtraLong 3mm TVP plates and engine mount, XtraLarge Terra Pin tires, XtraLarge width, XtraLarge Big Bore shocks, XtraLarge body with an all-new look, sintered metal differential gears, steel spur gear, heavy duty clutchbell, heavy-duty dogbones, outdrives and axles, machined brake hub, dual fibre disk brakes and much more!

Just Add Fuel!

The Savage XL package comes 99% complete - all you have to do is add HPI Power Fuel and you've got a fully-functioning nitro-powered monster truck! In the box you get: AA batteries for the transmitter, a rechargeable receiver pack to power the truck's servos, a Roto Start handheld engine starter with battery, and a wall charger for both the receiver pack and Roto Start battery. Just add fuel!

Awesome XL Looks!

The Savage XL definitely looks the part of the massive monster truck! The extended wheelbase is the perfect evolution of the Savage design, and with the larger tires and "Gigante" bodyshell the Savage XL is simply a great-looking truck! The wide front grille and huge headlights of the XL's bodyshell merge with the flared wheel arches front and rear for a huge ‘wow factor’, adding to the impression of the XL's massive size and strength! The tall, wide Terra Pin tires fit the bodyshell perfectly for a fantastic scale look that’s sure to intimidate the opposition at your local bashing arena! Finally, while the 8-hole wheels look huge, they use a standard 17mm hex hub (the same as other HPI Savage monster trucks) so it’s easy to change the look and style of the XL as often as you like! The Savage XL's amazing looks aren't it's best feature, but we went all-out to make sure it looks as impressive as it performs!

New for 2014!

The updated Savage XL features option parts that boost its convenience, reliability and performance so you can drive your monster truck just about anywhere with complete confidence!  

Image of Sintered Bulletproof Diff Gears

Sintered Bulletproof Diff Gears

At both ends of the Savage XL, these Sintered Bulletproof Diff Gears are now standard equipment, allowing all the engine power from the Nitro Star K5.9 to get to the tires without being harmed by rough landings or crashes. A truly monstrous gear ratio of 29/9 gives massive acceleration for burly air and heart-stopping stunts!

Image of Big Bore Shock Absorbers

Big Bore Shock Absorbers

The Savage XL is now fitted with a full set of Big Bore Savage shocks, making it lighter, sleeker-looking and easier to maintain! 4 Big Bore shocks are lighter than 8 standard Savage shocks, so you'll experience an even better power-to-weight ratio than before, and should you ever need to rebuild the shocks you now have half as many to work on. Plus, the Big Bore shocks just look better fitted to the chassis!

Just Add Fuel!

The Savage XL includes nearly EVERYTHING you need to get running: AA batteries for the transmitter, a rechargeable receiver pack to power the truck's servos, a Roto Start handheld engine starter with battery, and a wall charger for both the receiver pack and Roto Start battery. You just need to add fuel!

K5.9 Engine

At the heart of the Savage XL is the monstrous Nitro Star K5.9 engine! This 5.9cc (.36 cubic inch) powerplant gives the XL loads of torque for turning the giant tires and the muscle to power over obstacles and through the toughest terrain and conditions. The low powerband supplies the torque for getting the XL up to speed fast, and the curved manifold and aluminum tuned pipe get the most power out of the engine. The K5.9 is also fitted with a Roto-Start 2 for easy starting, a vented heavy-duty clutchbell, an aluminum 3-shoe clutch for tough and reliable power transfer and a giant heatsink head so you won’t have to worry about overheating

Image of Aluminium Exhaust System

Aluminum Exhaust System

With a curved rear-exhaust manifold directing exhaust gases to the shiny aluminum 2-chamber tuned pipe, the specialized K5.9 exhaust system produces loads of horsepower that just demands to be used!


Tough ABC Construction

With true ABC construction (Aluminum case, Brass Chrome-plated piston and cylinder), the Nitro Star K5.9 delivers massive torque and horsepower and is as durable as any other Nitro engine out there. The three-needle carburetor uses a 9.5mm inlet to drink in as much fuel as possible and the composite body helps prevent heat build-up, which can make the engine run inconsistently. A tall, flow-through finned heatsink head keeps things cool, and even features a sweet laser-etched logo!

image of Dual-Stage Air Filter

Dual-Stage Air Filter

A dual stage pre-oiled air filter is used to keep dirt and fine particles of dust from entering the engine. The air filter is securely mounted on a 90-degree rubber tube so it is placed in the perfect position and stay in place through any type of driving.

Image of Roto Start 2

Roto Start 2 Installed

Get things going quickly with the Roto Start 2 starting system, which is pre-installed onto the back of the engine. The Roto Start 2 lets you use a handheld starting unit so you don’t have to deal with starting the engine by hand. The 7.2v stick-pack battery to power the Roto Start 2 is included with the Savage XL kit - it really doesn’t get any easier to get running!

The Savage XL is loaded with standard features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a super-tough, massive monster truck!

Extra-Long Alloy Chassis

To get the wheelbase of the Savage XL 55mm longer than a standard Savage X, the XL uses an extended TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis that is made from 3mm thick 6061 aircraft alumnium. 6061-series aluminum is light and strong and provides the strength for stretching the Savage platform to its limits! The chassis features the cool Savage 'X' styling, plus extra design features to really make it stand out! The engine is fitted to a one-piece engine mount firmly attached to a 3mm extra thick engine mounting plate that is mounted between the TVP chassis for extra rigidity. These are the thickest standard TVP and engine plate parts ever used on a Savage monster truck, and can easily withstand the torque of the massive Nitro Star K5.9 engine.

Image of Extra-Long Alloy Chassis

Image of All-Terrain Tyres

Tall All-Terrain Tires

The XL's Terra Pin tires stand tall, at 170mm (nearly 7 inches across!) to soak up ruts, bumps, rough landings and more! The tough spike pattern help the Savage XL perform grass and loose dirt, while the chevron centre pattern give it good directional stability on the harder stuff. The tall sidewalls provide extra shock absorption and allow the tires to grip extremely as they roll over obstacles.

Image of Transmission

3 Speed Transmission

The Savage XL features the Savage 3-speed transmission to get the most out of the K5.9 engine. This gives you the best acceleration and top speed possible, getting all the power efficiently to the ground for maximum fun and enjoyment! The transmission is fully adjustable, too, so you can choose how early or late the XL will shift into higher gear!

Image of Three-Shoe Clutch

Aluminum Three-Shoe Clutch

The Savage XL uses an XL-tough 3-shoe aluminum clutch to get the power from the engine into the drivetrain. Using a unique blend of aluminum, the clutch shoes will resist wear, not be affected by engine heat and last for a very long time. There's no more secure way to get the power to the ground!

Image of Suspension Uprights

XL-Tough Wide Stance

The Savage XL features suspension parts designed just for the larger tires and weight of this massive beast! Aluminum extension axles feature 17mm hex hubs so you can fit any monster truck wheel straight on, and serrated wheel nuts grip the wheel securely to make sure they stay in place. XL-tough steering knuckles and uprights means the truck can take more abuse and punishment, giving you plenty of big-air thrills!

Image of All-Metal Differentials

Reinforced All-Metal Differentials

Machined diff ring and pinion bevel gears easily take the power of 5.9cc of nitro-burning mayhem, alloy diff cases and 4-gear diffs with large diff outdrives and axles round out the ultra-strong differentials, while extra heavy-duty dogbones get the power to both ends and all four wheels with ease.

Image of Diff Outdrives

XL-Large Diff Outdrives

Getting the power to the dogbones are large diff outdrive cups. These machined steel outdrives can take the punishment of the suspension movement and the power of the K5.9 engine to get you through the toughest driving conditions and terrain with no problems!


XL-Thick Dogbones

Super heavy-duty dogbones provide the insurance you'll want when you take the XL way off-road and into rough country! The thick diameter, large ends and sleek black anodizing add up to all the assurance you'll want that the drivetrain won't let you down when the going gets tough! You'll be able to commit the full power of the K5.9 engine to the ground without worrying about drivetrain breakages or anything else!

Image of Steel Spur Gear

Machined Steel Spur Gear

A machined steel 52T spur gear is the perfect match for the horsepower of the Nitro Star K5.9 engine. With the heavy duty vented clutchbell spinning the spur gear, you get a huge amount of drivetrain protection with gears that won't strip, melt or break! You'll have security and peace of mind that your truck will not only perform superbly, but last as long as possible in the roughest of terrain and conditions!

Image of Receiver Pack and Charger

6v NiMH Receiver Pack and Charger

To make sure the servos have all the power they need and then some, we're throwing in an HPI 1200mAh NiMH battery pack! This rechargeable pack even includes a convenient wall charger so you can make sure that the XL is always ready to rumble. You don't even need to take the pack out of the truck to charge it - just use the convenient charging jack built into the radio box and you'll be ready to go in no time!

Image of Disk Brakes

Dual Fiber Disk Brakes

These twin vented disk brakes are made from heat-resistant fiber material to give you more stopping power at all speeds - all the better to control the Savage XL in the tight and twisty bits!

Image of Ball Bearings

Full Set of Sealed Ball Bearings

Like all HPI kits, the Savage XL is completely outfitted with a set of fully sealed ball bearings throughout the drivetrain. This means you get long runtimes from every tank of fuel and reduced wear-and-tear on the drivetrain.

2.4GHz Radio System

2.4GHz Radio System Installed

All HPI Ready-To-Run kits feature an easy to use 2.4GHz radio system to make the car as simple and fun to drive as possible. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum techn eliminates the need for frequency crystals so you can drive without thinking about frequency conflicts or interference, so you get long-range control and reliable communication with your truck. A waterproof SF-10W servo handles the throttle and brake duties, while an extra-tough SF-50 servo is easily able to handle the steering!

Easy to Drive!

All this power and durability gets you nowhere unless the truck is easy to drive and can get you through the rough stuff, so HPI designers made sure that the Savage XL can take everything you can throw it at and come through handling like a champ! The first thing that hits the ground are the huge HPI Terra Pin tires, which feature a tall sidewall, expanding carcass cross-section and tough spikes to rip through grass and loose dirt. The tall tires make handling the rough stuff easy, and the ground clearance of better than 7cm (over 3 inches) gets you over any obstacles with room to spare! In addition to the friendlier handling, the XL can handle even rougher terrain than the rest of the Savage monster trucks because its massive size. The Savage XL is more forgiving in extreme terrain than other Savage trucks, making it easier to control and more forgiving in the most terrifying conditions!

RTR - Performance Straight From the Box

HPI Ready-To-Run models bring you the same high performance and quality that you'd expect from a high end model car kit but with the added convenience of being factory pre-assembled to the highest standards - giving you a high performance RC truck straight from the box! The Savage XL RTR it is completely pre-built and ready to go right out of the box! Everything is assembled and tuned for you by professionals - diffs, slipper clutch, shocks and more are perfect before you even open the kit and with all the top Savage options already installed, so you don't have to do a thing to get going fast! A handheld starting unit with battery and truck battery are included, as well as a battery charger! You also get a fuel bottle and glow plug igniter for the engine, plus alkaline AA batteries for the transmitter AND C battery for the glow plug igniter! All you need to supply is the fuel! Your hobby retailer can set you up with HPI Power Fuel so you can get going almost immediately! Just a few steps are needed to get your car up and running, such as adding the batteries to the transmitter and breaking in the engine.

Full Assembly Instructions

Just like all HPI cars and trucks, you get a full, in-depth instruction manual with step-by-step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your car for maintenance and easy servicing. The manual also includes a handy parts list and full-scale drawings of the parts and hardware.

#112601 Savage XL 5.9 RTR with Painted Body and 2.4GHz Radio System

1/8th scale Nitro-Powered Monster Truck


Length: 585mm
Height: 265mm
Width: 445mm
Wheelbase: 395mm


Nitro Car Fuel (16-20% nitro content)

Specification may be subject to change

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