Formula Q32 and Q32 Trophy Truggy!

Fri, 23rd December 2016

The Q32 line-up continues to grow with the upcoming Formula Q32 cars AND the awesome new Q32 Trophy Truggy! The Q32 Baja Buggy has proven to be a smash hit, thanks to its tiny size, easy control and fantastic innovative features - and now it's time for a couple of new versions to hit the streets! 


Formula Q32

First up is the Formula Q32 retro racer, available in classic colors! The Formula Q32 cars include an all-new, pre-painted open wheel body and functional front and rear racing wings! The bodies are painted in two of the most iconic racing schemes of years past for vintage racing excitement! And with the wide rear tires and skinny front tires, the Formula Q32 looks just like the real thing - only 32 times smaller!

The independent front suspension and direct-drive live rear axle make it easy to drive, while the innovative Real Steer technology makes the car super responsive to your driving input - no more full steering left or right as you try to guess where the car will go! 


With its tiny size and monocoque chassis packed with features, this is the perfect way to get your RC racing fix in the office or on the kitchen floor!

See the Formula Q32 in action here!

Just like the Q32 Baja Buggy, the Formula Q32 recharges in just minutes from the radio controller itself - letting you do fast 'pit stops' and get back to racing your friends! Simply plug the charging cord into the side of the car and you're off!

The Formula Q32 in RED is #116710 and the Formula Q32 in BLUE is #116706


Q32 Trophy Truggy 

Now, for you off-road racing fanatics, we've got just the Q-sized vehicle for you: the Q32 Trophy Truggy! This palm-sized racer is the perfect tiny friend for your Trophy Truggy or Trophy Buggy, and just like the Q32 Baja Buggy and Formula Q32 it's equipped with HPI's Real Steer technology, so you have precision steering control as you race your friends!

Just like the other Q-cars, charging is fast and simple: plug the charging cord on the controller straight into the side of the chassis, and in just a few minutes you're back on the race course! Each battery charge gives you several minutes of driving, whether it's drag races, time trials or just seeing how high and far you can jump!

And when you're ready to hit the jumps, you can use the included jumping ramp and 8 track markers to make a course - or check out the Q-Club downloads page for the HPI exclusive printable stunt templates, which let you make your own Wall Ride ramps, Wall of Death and much more!

The Q32 Trophy Truggy is #120000 

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