Pro 4 Victory @ Worlds Warm-up!

Thu, 20th May 2004

The increasing list of honours for the Pro 4 has just got even longer! The 2004 IFMAR ISTC & 1/12th On Road Worlds Warm Up race took place at the Full Throttle Speedway asphalt track in Florida during the 28th April – 2nd May. Many of the world’s top drivers arrived to compete on the track and of course HPI Team driver Atsushi Hara was on hand to race his HPI Pro 4. In his first competitive asphalt race with the new HPI Pro 4, Hara started off well by taking TQ with some excellent driving skills despite the scattered thunder storms and rainy conditions. Hara and Hirosaka finished 1st and 2nd, then 2nd and 1st respectively in the initial two rounds, setting up a tense but exciting final round! Hara came 5th in the final round bettering his closest rival Hirosaka, who finished 7th, giving Hara overall top spot with 199 points! Congratulations Atsushi on some more awesome driving!!

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