•  Bulletproof your Baja!
  •  How Brushless Motors work
  •  Race Your Savage X by Building the Ultimate Monster Truck Racer!
  •  Get Sideways! Learn to Drift with HPI
  •  21BB Base Settings
  •  Painting Your Body
  •  How To Rebuild A Nitro Engine
  •  Upgrade Your Nitro Star 15FE Engine Head
  •  How To Clean Your Air Filter
  •  Bulletproof Your MIP CVDs
  •  Rebuild Your Pullstarter
  •  How To Change Your Carb
  •  Slipper Clutch Settings
  •  Maintenance Guide
  •  Heavy Duty Disk Hub
  •  Rush Evo Flywheel
  •  Savage Spur Gear
  •  How to fit a Steel Spur Set to your Savage X
  •  Cleaning The Baja Engine
  •  How to maintain your Savage X Diffs
  •  How to Rebuild the Differential on a Rush Evo
  •  Wheely King - Rock Crawler Conversion Phase 1
  •  Get Sideways! Learn to Drift with HPI



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