Jumpshot goes full Flux!

Wed, 7th July 2021

HPI Racing's latest range of RTR models are here! We're very happy to announce that the Jumpshot 1/10th scale trucks are now Flux powered, in stock and ready for delivery! 

With all-new bright paint schemes and a whole host of Improvements the Jumpshot Flux is ready for action at your command!


Jumpshot FLUX Trucks

We already stepped up the platform making the Jumpshot V2 FasterTougher and Meaner - With brand new features like optimized gearing and key durability improvements including new drivetrain gears, suspension parts and servo saver! 

jsc.jpgBut, now we're taking things to a whole other level with the Jumpshot FLUX, turbo charging the fun with a FLUX 3S speed controller and 4000KV brushless motor! Simply add a LiPo pack to unlock insane stunts, wheelies on command and all out crazy speed runs!!


Underneath the body, the chassis is a Savage-style TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design for a super-stiff chassis and center-balanced weight. The modular design of the chassis gives you simple maintenance and durable crash protection for all the electronics. The battery is quickly accessed from underneath the truck, so changing batteries is extra-fast for more driving fun! 


With the Jumpshot FLUX we haven't merely upgraded the electronics or stopped with the V2 improvements - we've re-enforced the entire drivetrain because we know the kind of ballistic action FLUX power is capable of and just how much HPI fans will love to blast these trucks on all terrains!



We've bolstered up everything inside the Jumpshot FLUX gearbox with new metal Top, Middle, & Differential Transmission Gears - revised tooth profile for improved gear mesh and lower rolling resistance. Plus a metal Motor Mount Plate Insert. Not only that, we've now also fully enclosed the Spur Gear Cover and added a rubber cap to access the slipper clutch. So not only are the gears tougher than ever - they'll also stay free of all the dirt and debris the Jumpshot loves to kick up! 



Inside the Metal Differential you can see the sealed oil filled 4-Bevel gear design which uses the internal gears we've tried and tested across the Savage XS, RS4 Sport 3 and Bullet ranges!

We've also installed a new gear cover on the new rear mounted gear box to protect these all-important moving parts from dust and debris. The cover remains transparrent so you can keep tabs on the inner workings, but we've also added a rubber cap to allow for easy access to the slipper clutch.










A NEW metal motor mount plate insert ensures that all this FLUX power is delivered to maximum effect.










In Stock Now!

#160030 Jumpshot MT FLUX
#160031 Jumpshot SC FLUX
#160032 Jumpshot ST FLUX

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