Baja 5B Completes the Drive Around Iceland!

Mon, 2nd July 2007

A report direct from the driving team! The Baja made it all the way, with time to spare! Here is the day-by-day report: Day 1 (24/6 departed 02:00 arrival 16:51 o'clock) Started our journey from Tomstundahusid in Reykjavik to Hofn in Hornafjorður. Covered 441,41km. Took 8:55,13 of driving time, 5:55,03 stopping and pit time, total time of 14:50,16 for day 1. The first 200 km took 4:01 hours. Day 2 (25/6 departed 04:27 arrival 21:56) Hofn in Hornafjord to Akureyri. Trip of 516,20km. Driving time 10:16,53 and stopping time 7:42,17. Total of 17:59,10 hours. Drove over 200km of dirt and repair roads, used the original Baja off-road tires for that section. Forgot to change the receiver battery for 5 1/2 hours (due to long dirt roads which needed a lot of attension), it was the only time in the journey that the fail safe kicked in (just after we crossed a bridge). Day 3 (26/6 departed 6:49 arrival 19:30) Akureyri to Reykjavik (Tomstundahusid) Distance 425,43km. Driving time 8:00,19 and stopping time 5:41,10. Total of 13:41,29 hours for day 3. Total driving time for the trip was 27:12:25 hours and stopping time was 19:18:30 (that does not include 10 hours sleeping time for the whole trip).

Damage report We only encountered a few problems. When we had driven 560km the o-rings in the front dampers started leaking oil (we replaced the dampers for quicker repair), but that was after an 80km long dirt road with some very rough and bad sections. After 957km (Akureyri, end of leg 2) we had to change the inner bearing on the clutch bell (we replaced both bearings, pinion, clutch bell and 85436 #1) and after 1,292km the second clutch bell broke on welding( replaced with the first clutch bell). Servos were starting to show wear on the last 200km but did not pose a big problem, just a small irritation due to interference. Wear and Tear We used 4 pairs front tires (one pair last about 700 km!), add 7 pairs rear tires. We had a few of the 3000mAh receiver battery and for leg 1 and 2 we used 5 battery charges, and 7 charges on leg 3 (because the truck battery we used to recharge was drained at end of leg 2). The Edit #ED010351 dogbones did not fail once! The clutch shoes were not changed, although they were pretty worn. The brake pads and spark plug and wire were not changed. The air filter was not changed nor cleaned. The only normal maintenance besides tyre and battery changes was to tighten up the steering and suspension after 200-400km. The Baja was incredible stable after the suspension and steering was tightened up, you could even scratch your nose with your steering hand while the other hand was on the throttle! If you showed anyone this Baja, they would hardly believe the mileage it's just done! There is hardly anything visible to show how far it's been driven. But this Baja will be preserved as is, with the dirt and the wear and tear. There was never a concern about the Baja finishing, the same could not said about the follow cars and the ATV! Speeds and Fuel Consumption Our normal cruising speed was 50-60km/h (31-37 mph) but we had sprints of 75-80km/h (50 mph) and used 28 litres of gasoline for whole 1383,04Km (859 mile) round trip. Pit stops for tank fillings after 35-40km, but we never ran out of fuel, we could possibly have made 45km (28 miles) on a single tank. (Note: normally, no RC model cars should be driven on public roads unless pre-arranged with local authorities or with official escort!)

This trip was not just about going out and proving something, it was also about charity. The charity that was selected is a resting home for children with long term illness call Rjóðrið, we´ll see at the beginning of July how much we raised. The trip got coverage 3 newspapers, 1 radio station, and Bjarki and Helena will be interviewed by two TV stations. The People Those who made the trip are: Bjarki St. Hermannsson, Baja driver Helena Osk Sigurdardottir, ATV rider Ottar Orn Johnson, chase driver Bjorn Kristinsson, mechanic, navigator, back-up Baja driver Kristinn Petursson, mechanic Gudfinnur Eiríksson, photographer - see more photos in his online album! Sponsors Atantsolía (gasoline) Audmerkt (marking on cars) Harsport (Bjarki's haircut :) no just joking, charity) Hive (wireless internet) HPI-Europe (half Baja car and spare parts) Poulsen (charity) Stormur (Polaris) (lent the ATV to the team) Tomstundahusid model shop (half Baja car, spare parts and service) Everybody who made the trip fell in love with the Baja and its incredible durability, then asked HPI if they could each get a copy of Baja 5B :)



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