1/5 Off-Road Bodyshells

#110677 - バハ5T-1トラックペイントボディー(ブラック)

Genuine HPI spare part for ensured quality, correct maintenance and easy repairs. See below for kit compatibility.

1/8 Buggy Bodyshells

#107144 - D8S ペインテッドボディ

Genuine HPI quality option part for easy upgrading and hopping up! See below for kit reference.

1/8 Monster Truck Bodyshells


Swap new for old with the vintage styling of the GTXL-1 Vintage Body for your Savage XL 5.9! The classic pick-up truck look of the 70's and 80's is the perfect match for the raw and...

1/8 Rally Car Bodyshells

#7553 - スバルインプレッサ ラリーカーボディー(WB 300mm)

HPI bodyshells are moulded from strong clear polycarbonate. The detailed vinyl decal sheet includes: photorealistic headlights, grille, tail lights, official logos, window frames, door handles and...

1/8 Stadium Truck Bodyshells

#101717 - トロフィートラギーFluxボディー/ウインドマスク/デカール

トロフィートラギー FLUX 用クリアボディーの紹介です。 自身のオリジナルカラー、チームカラーでトロフィーバギーをカスタマイズ! ポリカーボネート用塗料を使用してください。 塗料はボディーの内側から塗ってください。 ウインドウマスキングテープとデカール付

1/8 Short Course Truck Body Shells

#107029 - ATTK-8 ショートコースボディー

A clear ATTK-8 Short Course Bodyshell so now you can customise your Apache SC with your own unique paint scheme.

All HPI bodies feature:

Photorealistic, premium vinyl decals include...

1/10 Buggy Bodyshells

#7809 - CB-1 バギーボディー

This version of the CB-1 Buggy body is clear so you can paint it yourself in your favorite colors. It comes with decals that are pre-cut for easy application. The large vinyl decal sheet...

1/10 Formula Bodyshells

#102839 - フォーミュラTENタイプ014Cボディー

Style up your Formula Ten car in your own custom paint scheme, or replicate any of the legendary colour schemes of the past with this extra Formula Ten Type 014C bodyshell! This six-piece bodyshell

1/10 Truck Bodyshells


Customize your Venture scale truck with an officially licensed Toyota FJ Cruiser body! With a clear body to start with, you have an open canvas to make your own FJ Cruiser - whether it's...

1/10 Touring Car Bodyshells

#103886 - ニッサン 350Z HANKOOK ボディー (200mm)

Fans of full-size drifting can now get the latest custom car creation in the form of the Hankook-sponsored Nissan 350Z body! This 1/10th scale replica of the Gruppe-S/Dynamic Autosports Hankook...

1/12 Truck Bodyshells

#107322 - ミニ GT-1トラック ペイントボディ (ブラック/ブレー)

Genuine HPI spare part for ensured quality, correct maintenance and easy repairs. See below for kit compatibility.

1/18 Off Road Bodyshells

#105526 - SQUAD ONE ペイントボディー

Genuine HPI quality spare part for easy maintenance and repairs. See below for kit reference.

1/18 On Road Bodyshells


Refresh the look of your Micro RS4 with this easy to install replacement body! This is a standard pre-painted replacement body for #120101 - Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R,...

Bodyshell Accessories

#85613 - ボディチューナーキット タイプA

Add some bling to make your car stand out from the crowd with the realistic HPI Body Tuner Kit. You get a large diameter custom chrome exhaust, a detailed front intercooler, and 3 different kinds...

Bodyshell Wings

#85612 - GTウィングセット(Cタイプ/ 1/10スケール/ブラック)

Now available from HPI Racing is the GT Wing Set (Type C) for drift cars and touring cars. The GT Wing has an aerodynamic '3D' shape that is popular on real drift cars, and is molded from durable...

Small Scale Truck Bodyshells

#114710 - FORD F-150 SVT RAPTOR BODY

Customize your Savage XS with the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor bodyshell. Moulded from crystal clear polycarbonate plastic for high detail, extreme durability and low weight, this is a great way to...

1/10 True Ten Bodyshells

#7209 - ダットサン510 ボディー(WB225mm.前0mm/後3mm)

Now available for Cup Racer fans is this awesome Datsun 510 body. Incredible scale realism makes the HPI Datsun 510 body a virtual clone of the car that won the hearts of club racers around the...

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