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#85245 - サベージウイリーバーセット


Make your Savage perform awesome wheelies with the most exciting accessory from HPI... the Savage Wheelie Bar. The Savage Wheelie Bar opens a whole new world of Savage stunt - a new challenge to control your Savage on two wheels.

Designed to perfection it provides stability while the front wheels are off the ground. By using this fantastic Wheelie Bar it will stop your Savage from flipping over when on full throttle and it will allow you to pull perfect wheelies every time, for as long as you are capable of holding your Savage up. For best efficiency and durability the wheelie bar wheel is ball raced with two high quality ball bearings. And with 2 different size wheels included you can achieve BIG wheelies and even BIGGER wheelies! All fixings you need for mounting are included. Simply attach the wheelie bar to the rear bumper of any of the HPI Savages and see how high you can make your Savage go! See the Savage Wheelie bar in action in our short action video clip!

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