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#107881 - WR8ラリーオフロードホイール 48x33mm (ホワイト/2pcs)

WR8/1.9"(48mm) タイヤと合わせて使用してください。


Customize the look of your WR8 with the WR8 Rally Off-Road wheel! Styled to look just like the wheels used at WRC events and in rallies around the world, you can choose from a range of colors to get the perfect look for your ride.

#107881 WR8 RALLY OFF-ROAD WHEEL 48x33mm (WHITE / 2pcs) #107970 WR8 RALLY OFF-ROAD WHEEL BLACK (48x33mm/2pcs) (Note: the above tires fit the off-road WR8 tyres, such as #107977, #107870, #107652 and #107956) You can also choose from the amazing-looking WR8 Tarmac Wheel in various colors! #108075 WR8 TARMAC WHEEL WHITE (2.2"/57x35mm/2pcs) #107972 WR8 TARMAC WHEEL BLACK (2.2"/57x35mm/2pcs)

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