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#107652 - HB ビームス タイヤ ピンク(1.9in/48x80mm/2pcs)

WR8/1.9"(48mm) ホイールと合わせて使用してください。

If you're looking for more grip for your WR8 on a variety of off-road track surfaces, the HB Beams are fantastic tires that work really well on clean, high-bite tracks, giving you long tread life and consistent & predictable grip and wear. The angled tread line and reinforced full-circle side lug give precise side grip in the turns and help keep your car on the straight and narrow, while the mini-block treads provide reliable forward traction and braking consistency.

Available in two different compounds to let you tune your WR8 for perfect traction on any track, in any conditions! 

#107976 - HB BEAMS TIRE RED COMPOUND (1.9"/48X80MM/2PCS)

HB tyre compounds: 
Pink compound is extra-soft for maximum traction at the cost of tread life.
Red compound is soft for racing or low-traction surfaces.

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