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#101950 - Male Gold Plated Connector (2 Pcs)


Quickly and easily connect batteries and speedos using different connectors with our series of highest quality gold-plated connectors! These connectors are ideal for use in high-current, high-power applications such as with the Flux Warp motors. These are also suitable for high-current batteries.

HPI 4mm and 6mm bullet connectors allow you to attach 12 gauge and 10 gauge wire to your high-voltage motors, batteries and speedos with no power loss. The pure gold plating does not corrode and enhances the connection quality, ensuring you get the maximum amount of power.

#101950 Male Gold Plated Connector (2 Pcs) (4.0mm)
#101951 Female Gold Connectors (5 Pairs) (4.0mm)
#101952 Male Gold Connectors (6.0mm dia) (3 Pcs)
#101953 Female Gold Connectors (6.0mm dia) (3 Pcs)
#101961 4mm Male Banana Plug to Tamiya Female Adapter Lead

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