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#100685 - FLUX TORK 2200Kvブラシレスモーター

2200 rpm/volt / FLUX BLURスピードコントローラーと合わせて使用してください。

Discontinued, replacement part: #120010

The Flux Tork 2200 motor is the centerpiece of the Savage Flux HP, and provides the jaw-dropping power that allows it to do standing backflips on level ground, and easy double backflips off even medium-size jumps! Please note: The Flux Tork 2200 must be used with a speedo that can handle the immense power it requires, the #100685 Flux Blur is the perfect match!

The Flux Tork 2200 features the coolest motor cases we've ever seen, with massive machined cooling fins that really make it look the part of an all-out power plant! With a 5mm motor shaft it can fit the upcoming optional pinion gears so you can get even MORE top speed for those insane runs, or gear it down a bit for increased acceleration on the track. The ideal speedo match for the Tork 2200 is the #100685 Flux Blur speedo, the most powerful brushless speed controller we could find. With the ability to handle twin 3S LiPo batteries (that's a total of 6S LiPo power!) it can deal with anything the Tork 2200 motor can dish out! 6.5mm bullet connectors secure the motor wires for loss-free connection to the 12-gauge wires, and to connect to each battery pack we've attached real Dean's connectors for zero power loss and total efficiency. We figured why re-invent the wheel and release our own connector when the best is already available? Topping off the versatility of the Flux Blur speedo (literally) is an integrated cooling fan, which allows the speedo to operate at its ideal temperature.

Finally, you have the ability to easily connect it to your computer for total programming control! With our #100573 USB Programming Kit you can connect the Blur to any Windows-based PC to control all the various facets of its power delivery, braking, throttle curves, battery cut-off and much more. You can also save various profiles to have profiles for racing, insane speed runs, stunts, fun running and more.

Add the range of optional Flux Tork pinion gears for increased tuning and even more insane acceleration!

#100911 PINION GEAR 12 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100912 PINION GEAR 13 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100913 PINION GEAR 14 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100914 PINION GEAR 15 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100915 PINION GEAR 16 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100916 PINION GEAR 17 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100917 PINION GEAR 18 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100918 PINION GEAR 19 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100919 PINION GEAR 20 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100920 PINION GEAR 21 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#100921 PINION GEAR 22 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#102086 PINION GEAR 23 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#102087 PINION GEAR 24 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT)
#102088 0924 PINION GEAR 25 TOOTH (1M / 5mm SHAFT) (standard)

With the Flux Tork 2200 and Blur combo, you get all the power you can desire, with custom tuning and multiple battery handling thrown in for fun! You can get your friends saying 'what the Flux?!' as fast as you can pull the trigger! You'll have to experience it to believe it!

Motor and Battery Combinations
The Flux Tork 2560Kv Brushless Motor requires very powerful batteries to get the most out of it - please make sure that you use the right combination! HPI highly recommend the use of LiPo batteries above 4000mAh and 20C. Using batteries with lower ratings, or the use of lower quality LiPo batteries, may cause damage to battery and/or speed control. Using batteries below the specified ratings may void the warranty of the speed controller and/or batteries. The term Kv refers to the number of RPMs that the motors will try to deliver per volt applied, and is a standard term for brushless motor power.


See our featured Walkthrough all about the HPI Flux Brushless System and how brushless systems work!

NOTE: Before driving in wet conditions, make sure that other electronics fitted to the vehicle are safe to use (marked as water-resistant or waterproof), or that they are fully enclosed and protected from water and moisture (such as in a sealed receiver/battery case). Fans mounted on speed controllers are not water resistant - we recommend to disconnect the fan from the ESC before driving in wet conditions and allow it to dry fully before reconnecting the fan power. Lubricate exposed metal drivetrain parts such as bearings, outdrives and diff shafts before driving in wet conditions. Motors are not intended for submerged use and may be damaged if used when under water. After driving in wet conditions, make sure to rinse off dirt and any corrosive liquids like saltwater with plain water and re-lubricate metal drivetrain parts. 

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