First Sight - Vorza Truggy line-up on the launchpad!!

Tue, 14th June 2022


Buggies and truggies have been a major part of the HPI off-road range for many years, so when the time came to update this range of epically awesome off-road monsters, the choice to keep things true to the Vorza roots was easy!

The Vorza started as racing vehicles designed to be approachable, tunable and most of all FUN!! And that’s where we’ve taken Vorza for 2022. Fully tunable, highly capable and HPI TOUGH! Under the body, each new Vorza truggy has a ton of great durability and tuning features that make each one a joy to drive with a clear upgrade path to the ”S” spec and beyond!

vorza_46_02.jpgFor 2022, each Vorza has a completely brand new look as well, with totally new bodies in wild new custom painted colors! Even the wheels and tires are all-new designs for a true "Stop at Nothing" attitude!

Three Vorza Truggy Varients!









RC enthusiasts love to customize their rides right out of the box, and with three different Vorza to choose from, it’s easy to get a jump start on a perfectly tuned track beast!


Choose your power! Nitro or FLUX?


We know there are legions of RC freaks who love their extra-loud, fire-breathing Nitro cars and trucks, and that’s why the Vorza lets you pick between high-revving, screaming power or ultra-high torque and mind-melting acceleration with HPI FLUX power! Nitro engines are great fun, produce amazing noise and can be refueled over and over for hours of fun! Meanwhile, FLUX power is super fast and you get easy plug and play convenience of swapping to a fresh battery!  

Choose your FLUX spec! Base or "S" spec?



Go for the FLUX and you get to choose between two amazing Vorza truggy models with sky-high specifications. The ‘base’ spec features the super powerful FLUX MLH-2200 motor, 6S-capable ELH-6S speed controller, adjustable C-hub style racing suspension with sway bars and solid arms, adjustable battery box, high-torque servo, and hardened diff gears to withstand 6S power. The Vorza S spec adds 7075 chassis, machined shock towers and suspension mounts, plus aluminum shock bodies, turnbuckles, and the SS-40WP servo which is not only faster, but stronger, too! 


Taking its racing heritage seriously

vorza_s_11.jpgThe 2022 spec Vorza line-up features the same Worlds-conquering design that has beaten the best of the best on the racing track! A full suite of top-level race car features makes sure that you can attack the racing line straight out of the box! 


Packed with racing features

vorza_46_13.jpgPoint-and-shoot steering? Check! Super-adjustable racing suspension with big-bore shocks? Check! Multitudes of maximum durability features? Check! The Vorza is ready for you to conquer all kinds of racing surfaces, from loose and hard dirt to real or artificial grass, brick and everything in between!


In between runs, adjustments are easy – from shock positions to diff greases. Every screw and bolt is a tough hex head design for quick and easy adjustments. And when you’re finished for the day, the radio box is easy to remove for cleanup. The Vorza is ready for you to take on the world! 

More than just a basher

vorza_s_06.jpgHPI fans know that the Vorza goes beyond bashing. Of course you can take it to your local bashing spot and just try to get big air or top speed runs out of it – but the Vorza is a race car, there’s no denying! From its counter-rotating shock mount screws to its adjustable wheelbase, it is ready for racing action on the track - but don’t let that stop you from showing those bashers a thing or two! 

Lets Check out what's NEW with the Vorza Truggy! 

  • Factory-assembled & pre-painted 4WD 1/8 scale Car
  • Pre-painted body with awesome speed graphics
  • Pre-mounted all-terrain tires
  • High torque water-resistant servo
  • Full-time 4WD for excellent control
  • Efficient and tough shaft drivetrain
  • Spiral-cut bevel gears for the best balance of strength and efficiency
  • 16mm Big Bore oil-filled for confident control
  • Aluminum shock towers front and rear
  • Thick steel turnbuckle links allow you to custom-tune handling
  • Front and rear sway bars for excellent handling
  • Suspension based on World Championship pedigree
  • High ground clearance for driving on most surfaces
  • Nylon stone and dirt guards keep rocks out of the chassis
  • Dual bellcrank steering
  • Cam type servo saver
  • All hex head race quality hardware
  • Full set of rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • ALL NEW TF-50 2.4GHz Radio Set with waterproof receiver
  • Enclosed receiver box
FLUX Version adds:
  • 6S LiPo Capable
  • MLH-2200 2200KV brushless motor with 5mm shaft
  • Waterproof 150A ELH-6S speed controller
  • Hardened steel spur and pinion gear for extreme durability
  • Tough oil-filled 4-gear differentials
  • Tough hardened Internal differential gears
  • LiPo ready adjustable battery tray with secure hook-and-loop straps
  • Aluminum heatsink motor mount, fan ready to help the motor stay cool
Required For Operation: 4x AA batteries for transmitter, 2 batteries with T-plugs (minimum 2S each) for car & charger
Vorza S FLUX adds:
  • 7075 main chassis plate
  • 7075 machined aluminum shock towers front and rear
  • 7075 suspension blocks front and rear
  • Super high quality aluminum threaded shocks for extra-fine ride height tuning with shock boots
  • Extra-high torque and fast SS-40WP servo
Required For Operation: 4x AA batteries for transmitter, 2 batteries with T-plugs (minimum 2S each) for car & charger

Vorza 4.6 Nitro adds:

  • High-revving Nitro Star F4.6 V2 engine
  • Tuned muffler for maximum torque and high speeds
  • Large fuel tank with internal baffles
  • All NEW Radio box with loads of room for the receiver pack
  • Grease-filled differentials

Required for operation: Nitromethane fuel, glow igniter, fuel bottle, 4x AA batteries for transmitter, RX battery for car & RX battery charger

Length: 580mm
Width: 408mm
Height: 200mm
Wheelbase: 375mm


ALL-NEW TF-50 Transmitter! 


Included with every new Vorza is the ALL-NEW HPI TF-50 Transmitter set!


The TF-50 features:

  • 2.4Ghz FHSS
  • Drop Down Steering Position for a natural control position
  • Foam covered wheel for extra comfort and grip
  • Swappable Steering wheel design for Left handers!
  • Rubber finger and thumb handle grips
  • Rubber bumpers on all corners for the highest protection.
  • Magnetic are on the base for body clips or screws while you work!
  • HPI Hex Wheel design
  • Digital on and off switch
  • Audible warnings if you leave the TF-50 switched on as well as battery life!
  • 3 Channels
  • Servo Reverse, EPA, Trims and Dual Rate switches.


The NEW RF-50 features a waterproof silicone inner jacket for use in any weather!
Built in failsafe’s. Signal on the RF-50 for the FLUX cars and Signal and Battery life for the RF-50N on the Nitro! 

The #160180 Vorza Nitro Truggy First Sight webpage is now Live


The #160181 Vorza Flux Truggy First Sight webpage is now Live


The #160182 Vorza S Flux Truggy First Sight webpage is now Live


Act fast and get your order in from VORZA batch #1 today!
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