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SAVAGE/Couronne renforcee

Arrêté, replacement part: #77119

Standard Parts

The Steel Spur Gear Sets for all Savage monster trucks.

These are the Steel Spur Gears to have if you want your Savage to maintain its strength and enduring presence. They are precision machined to HPI factory dimensions and designed with the intention to last almost forever, made from heavy duty steel to provide ultimate strength, long life, extreme durability and lasting performance in any driving conditions.

To keep the weight down, these steel gears are thinner than the stock plastic spur gear, and the centre steel section is removed and replaced with a light weight purple anodized aluminium inner Spur Gear Hub. These will be extremely popular upgrade gears for Savage racers, especially for high horsepower applications.

Available in different sizes for a variation of gear ratios, giving racers and bashers the choice to gain optimum performance.

The fewer the teeth on the spur gear (or the more teeth on the clutch bell) the more top speed with slightly reduced acceleration, ideal for smooth surfaces or longer straights. The higher number of teeth on the spur gear (the fewer number of teeth on the clutch bell) better the acceleration and torque with slightly less top speed, ideal for rough terrain, steep hills or short tracks with tight corners.

Each set includes a Steel Spur Gear, a purple anodized Alloy Spur Gear Hub, a Slipper Pad and all the attachment accessories.

Available sizes:
#86806 Steel Spur Gear Set 47T
#86807 Steel Spur Gear Sets 49T
#86808 Steel Spur Gear Sets 52T

Due to their extremely hard steel, the Steel Spur Gear Sets can only to be used with the matching hardened steel Racing Clutch Bells
Racing Clutch Bells are available in various sizes:
#77103 - Racing Clutch Bell 13 tooth
#77104 - Racing Clutch Bell 14 tooth
#77105 - Racing Clutch Bell 15 tooth
#77106 - Racing Clutch Bell 16 tooth
#77107 - Racing Clutch Bell 17 tooth
#77108 - Racing Clutch Bell 18 tooth
#77109 - Racing Clutch Bell 19 tooth
#77110 - Racing Clutch Bell 20 tooth

The outer Steel Spur Gears are also available individually, so for different conditions only the gear needs to be changed.

Steel Spur Gears - different sizes:
#77117 Steel Spur Gear 47T
#77119 Steel Spur Gear 49T
#77122 Steel Spur Gear 52T

Also available separately as a spare part:
#86805 Steel Spur Gear Hub

The Steel Spur Gear Set can fit onto your Savage X, with only 2 additional parts. Upload the step by step tutorial and find out how you can improve the durability of Savage X with any of the three Steel Spur Gear Sets.

Required parts needed:
#72130 - Stainless Steel Slipper Plate
#86130 - Slipper Clutch Hub

Download the tutorial:
How to fit a Steel-Spur Set to your Savage X

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