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Specially designed for foam tire racing conditions

Made specifically for foam tyre racers, the Low Mount Shock Tower will give the Cyclone touring car optimal traction, performance and handling when using foam tyres.

For an extremely solid, stiff car when racing on carpet, use the #61285 3.6mm CNC-machined Solid Main Chassis and combine it with the #61286 2.5mm Solid Upper Deck and the #61289 Solid Middle Deck. For the ability to quickly adjust to changing traction conditions at a busy race, use our #61283 Aluminium Chassis Post Set with Adjustable Torsion Control! #61285 3.6mm Solid Main Chassis #61286 2.5mm Solid Upper Deck #61289 Solid Middle Deck #61283 Aluminium Chassis Post Set with ATC (Adjustable Torsion Control) #61287 Low Mount Shock Tower (Front) (for foam tyres)

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