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#110610 - MOTEUR PRO 2013 RACE NITRO STAR F3.5


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The amazing F3.5 Pro racing engine has been redesigned for 2013 to make it faster, more powerful and better than ever! With all-new parts including the crank case, piston and liner, fuel intake valve and more, it's been tweaked for maximum performance and rock-solid action.

Designed purely for off-road racing, it's the perfect companion for HB and HPI buggies and truggies, and it's an easy drop-in fit for all other brands as well. A huge laser-engraved aluminium cooling head is cut and drilled to lower weight while providing maximum heat dissipation at high temperatures. The multi-finned crank case features a turbo combustion chamber and is coated black for ultimate cooling.

The new-for-2013 F3.5 Pro engine is a 3-port 3.48cc ABC engine that is optimised for performance and durability without sacrificing a second of race-leading lap time. It has been fully tested by HB and HPI factory team drivers with fantastic success and is a solid power unit that can win at the highest levels of competition, with a price that is just as hard to beat.

    14mm crankshaft
    3 ports
    Composite slide carburettor with interchangeable 8mm and 7mm venturi
    Black coated finned designed crankcase
    Bore: 16.20mm
    Stroke: 17.00mm
    Weight: 345g
    Practical RPM: 6800 - 45000
    Max RPM: 45000
    Horsepower: 3.40
    Dust Protection Caps

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