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The kit version of the Nitro RS4 3 gets another jump in speed and durability!

For racers and RC hobbyists that want to build their own kit, HPI offers the hot new Nitro RS4 3 18SS+! The 'plus' features classic sports car bodyshells with the latest in speed and performance upgrades! Along with the satisfaction of building your own car from the ground up, you get an impressive array of great options - ranging from go-fast goodies like a two-speed transmission and the powerful 18SS engine to durability upgrades like hardened diff gears and outdrives. The heart of the 18SS + is the Nitro Star 18SS engine, an insanely fast powerplant that will get your car moving so fast it'll make your head spin! Top speeds aren't a problem, either, because the two-speed transmission keeps you in the ideal rev range for insane speeds over 81 km/h! Protecting the 18SS engine is a two-stage air filter, providing a double layer of filtration protection to keep the engine running safely and securely. An aluminium tuned pipe and manifold keeps the power output high and gives the 18SS+ a menacing growl! The tough shaft drivetrain keeps rocks, twigs and other foreign material out of the drive gears, giving you maximum durability while you're blasting your car around with your friends. As an extra level of strength, the diff gears are made from hardened metal, as are the diff outdrives, providing an extra level of security and durability. Everything is bolted to the 2.5mm aluminium chassis for increased rigidity and strength. The removable radio tray features an enclosed electronics area to provide splash resistance for the receiver and battery pack. Rubber-sealed ball bearings provide extra efficiency by keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently. To aid adjustability to suit any track conditions, adjustable oil-filled shocks are used, plus turnbuckles are provided front and rear so you can adjust front and rear camber, plus front toe.

The powerful 18SS engine propels the 18SS+ to extreme top speeds! A pullstarter enables quick and simple starting The 75cc fuel tank gives the most runtime possible A twin-chamber aluminium tuned pipe provides great acceleration and a fantastic rumble
Electronics are protected from fuel and dust in and enclosed radio tray Sturdy foam bumper protects the front end against crashes and mishaps Adjustable suspension lets you tune for the track or the street Heavy duty upgrades included in the SS+ kit
Easy to adjust turnbuckles give you maximum tuning ability Powerful and sturdy 2-speed transmission gives you great punch and top speed Strong fibre disc brake provides immense stopping power Takes all standard radio gear
Removable radio tray for cleaning and maintenance ease Race-proven front end provides strength, tuning ability and toughness Tough high impact moulded parts are reinforced and designed for abuse Rubber-sealed ball bearings for efficiency and less maintenance

For the discerning RC hobbyist, this is a kit that provides great value with maximum enjoyment. Provided unassembled with clear, concise instructions, the Nitro RS4 3 18SS + is a joy to assemble and run! No electronics are provided so you can install your favourite radio gear. A classic exotic sports car bodyshell is included in the kit; you get to choose from the all-time classic Lamborghini Countach or the vintage road racer 1968 Chevrolet Camaro! Each version also includes period-specific 'mag' type wheels and vintage racing tyres. There's no easier way to have one of the most desired sports cars the world has ever seen in your driveway! Customization is easy - any of the HPI touring, street or drift options will fit, from bodyshell, wheels and tyres to D-Box, drift conversion and Nitro 3-specific upgrades!

10066 - Nitro 18SS+ Kit with 1968 Camaro Body 10069 - Nitro 18SS+ Kit with Lamborghini Countach Body Unassembled 1/10th scale 4WD Nitro RS4 3 18SS+ chassis with 18SS engine and clear bodyshell. Radio gear is not included. Comes with detailed instructions manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

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