The RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition Dream Car Build-Off!

Tue, 12th March 2019

The Ultimate On-Road Build-Off!

When the RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition was released, we instantly knew that as a pre-built chassis, it was the perfect base car to spark the imagination of RC builders around the world! So we contacted a few of the "RC creators" online to see if they'd be interested in participating in a fun build-off featuring the Creator Edition - of course, they all said yes immediately!

These were the folks taking part over the course of 4 weeks: 

Mark from Mustang Monthly, part of the Motor Trend publishing network

Greg from RC Driver, one of the biggest YouTube and web-based RC reviewers we know of

Rich from The RC Network, a friend of Greg's and also a big RC reviewer on YouTube

Chris from Hemistorm RC, a very popular RC builder and painter on YouTube

and Kyle from FotoGuyRC, more of a 'crawler guy' but eager to take part in this fresh new challenge!


This build-off was meant to show all the great builds that are possible with the RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition - while each of these creators was provided with a Creator Edition kit, none of them knew what the other was building until they saw their videos! HPI options were encouraged but everyone was free to really stamp their own creative energy on the build. 

The format of the build-off (which of course had its own hashtag: #HPIBuildOff) was spaced out over 4 videos, with each creator releasing a short video roughly every week. The first video would be a brief introduction of the #118000 RS4 Sport 3 Creator Edition to their viewers, and explaining what the build-off would entail. So here's what everyone had to say about the Creator Edition in Week 1, and maybe a little tease of what they're planning to build! 

Mark from Mustang Monthly - week 1!

Chris from Hemistorm - week 1!

Rich from The RC Network - week 1!

Greg from RC Driver - week 1!

Kyle from Foto Guy RC - week 1!

For Week 2, everyone would be showing what they were planning to install - would it be just "show", or a bit more oomph  - and maybe something like the #112850 FLUX MMH-4000KV Brushless Motor and #112851 FLUX EMH-3S Brushless ESC - for a lot of "go"?

Rich from The RC Network - week 2

Kyle from Foto Guy RC - week 2

Chris from Hemistorm - week 2

Mark from Mustang Monthly - week 2

In Week 3, this was the time to really knuckle down! With everyone's choice of body, wheels and tires decided, this was the push to the end!

Kyle from Foto Guy RC - week 3

Greg from RC Driver - week 3

Mark from Mustang Monthly - week 3

Rich from The RC Network - week 3

The final week! Week 4 would be the grand reveal of everyone's builds, with a show-off drive (if the weather allowed - it is winter, after all!). How would everything turn out? Did everything turn out the way you thought it might? Have a look and see!

Mark from Mustang Monthly - week 4!

Greg from RC Driver - week 4!

Chris from Hemistorm - week 4!

Rich from The RC Network - week 4!

Kyle from Foto Guy RC - week 4!


So let's look at the final results!

From Mark at Mustang Monthly



The real car that was the inspiration for the scale build!

From Greg at RC Driver



We have to show that amazing interior!

From Rich at The RC Network

Rich's custom build with its full-size inspiration!


From Kyle at FotoGuyRC




From Chris at Hemistorm RC



Showing off the full interior and chassis mods!


Head over to the HPI Racing Facebook page to tell us what YOU think was the best final result! 

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