HPI Filming Day at Thruxton!

Mon, 18th May 2015


Recently, HPI was invited to a prestigious race at the Thruxton Circuit, home to one of the rounds of the TOCA British Touring Car Championship, Formula 3 and British Superbike racing series. On the adjacent 1100m karting circuit, the question to be decided was...

What's faster: a racing kart, a Razor Crazy Cart or an HPI Baja with DBOX 2 ??

The organizers of the race, the good folks at the Only Motors channel's show The Challenges, set up the race to settle once and for all this age-old debate!

And who better to pilot these brilliant racing machines but HPI Frank, drifting maestro Luke Woodham and one of the local karting aces! Luke is a Gymkhana GRiD champion and owns several HPI cars that he enjoys at the garage of his full-size car! 


Before the actual race, the show presenters were introduced to the small fleet of HPI cars and trucks that were prepped for the racing challenge ahead. Presenter Julia Hardy quizzed HPI Frank about the cars on show, and was absolutely wowed by the speed and performance of the Ken Block WR8 Flux! 


After the competition watched the WR8 Flux in action, they decided it was just way too fast! Even the big kart was no match for the WR8, so after some haggling we decided the #107684 Baja 5B with D-Box 2 would be the only fair competition. It was fitted with Tarmac Buster tires on the rear to get good grip on the smooth paved karting track. We found suitable track layout that would be the most fair for all of the racers, because even the Baja 5B was quite fast on the big circuit.

With everyone ready to film and in line, the green flag dropped and all-out racing commenced! It was an epic battle and the show presenters got really fired up cheering for their favorite racer!


So how did the Baja do racing against these top-shelf racers? Well, we're not allowed to reveal the result before the show goes on air, but to give you an idea of how we got on check out the clip below!


HPI Baja with DBOX 2 on track action at Thruxton Circuit in the UK!#HPIRacing #HPIbaja

Posted by HPI Racing on Monday, 18 May 2015




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