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Baja 5B/5T/5SC/Adjustable spring tension slipper clutch helps to protect and improve drivetrain performance and traction.


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This Power Control Slipper Clutch helps protect the drivetrain of all HPI Baja vehicles. The design uses three heavy duty clutch discs to absorb drivetrain jolts for extended drivetrain life and reduced maintenance.

In addition to drivetrain protection, the PCSC also improves handling performance, just dial in the spring tension to track conditions for smooth and controllable launches. The amount of slip is easily adjustable using the included wrench and a new easy access gear cover. Included with the PCSC is a precision machined hardened steel 57T spur gear for maximum durability that rides on a ball bearing for long life. For custom looks, the aluminum outer plate is red anodized and laser etched with PCSC and HPI logos. The Power Control Slipper Clutch is perfect for racers looking to fine-tune power delivery and add durability. It's specially designed for extreme driving conditions and high-power engines fitted in the Baja 5B buggy, 5T truck or 5SC and 5SC SS short course trucks!

  • Adjustable Slipper Clutch
  • Extra Drivetrain Durability
  • Improved Handling for Faster Lap Times
  • Hardened Steel 57T Spur Gear
  • Fits Baja 5B, 5T 5SC, and 5SC SS

A special design specifically for the Baja series of buggies and trucks, the Power Control Slipper Clutch Set is the ideal way to beef up the drivetrain and see impressive gains in performance and overall traction! Includes as standard the #85475 Heavy Duty Steel Spur Gear for even more durability!

Please note: The Pwer Control Slipper Clutch is not compatible with the Baja 5B Flux

Descarga las instrucciones en PDF para #85474 (9 MB)

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