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#4892 - AGGRESSORS TIRE S COMPOUND (139X74mm/2pcs)

Hellfire/For use with 83x56mm wheels only

These fantastic Aggressors Tyres are the standard tyres on the HPI Hellfire, ensuring performance at its highest standards. These mean looking tyres use soft compound rubber to provide maximum traction and they are designed with a unique tread pattern to suit a multitude of surfaces.

The size of the Aggressors Tyre are diameter 139mm x width 74mm Aggressors Tyres fit: #3150 - Dish Wheels (white) #3151 - Dish Wheels (black) #3153 - Dish Wheels (yellow) The Aggressor tyres fit straight onto the HPI Hellfire. They can also be used on the HPI Savage range with the above mentioned wheels and the 17mm Hex conversion sets, (more information on the conversion sets is provided with the wheels)

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