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#108962 - CLUTCH BELL 15TX33X20MM

Fine-tune the speed and acceleration of the Savage XL Octane with this selection of tough metal clutch bells and spur gears.

The more teeth on the clutch bell (or fewer the teeth on the spur gear) the more top speed with slightly reduced acceleration, ideal for smooth surfaces or longer straights. The fewer number of teeth on the clutch bell (or the higher number of teeth on the spur gear) better the acceleration and torque with slightly less top speed, ideal for rough terrain and steep hills.

Available sizes:

  • #108960 - CLUTCH BELL 14TX33X20MM (Standard)
  • #108962 - CLUTCH BELL 15TX33X20MM
  • #114587 - HEAVY DUTY SPUR GEAR 43TX5MM
  • #114589 - HEAVY DUTY SPUR GEAR 45TX5MM
  • #111800 - HEAVY DUTY SPUR GEAR 47TX5MM (Standard)

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