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Pre-assembled 1/10th scale 4WD nitro powered car with T-15 engine, Roto Start, radio set, two-speed transmission, ball bearings, painted & finished body.


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The very popular HPI Nitro 3 RTR Evo Touring car is now available in four new versions with HPI Stiletto, HPI Toureza, HPI Venom and Subaru Racing Impreza bodyshells! The new kit versions include the pre-assembled HPI nitro 3 Evo chassis with 2 speed gearbox, HPI Nitro Star T-15 engine equipped with Roto Start and HPI TF-3 Radio gear. The new HPI body shells are prepainted, trimmed and decaled. There are four versions available: 10036 - with HPI Stiletto V12 body shell 10037 - with HPI Toureza body shell 10038 - with HPI Venom body shell 10039 - with Subaru Racing Impreza

The pre-assembled chassis of these new kit versions is already well known from the very popular HPI nitro 3 Evo with the powerful HPI Nitro Star T-15 engine. Packed with features, the Nitro 3 Evo is designed to get new owners on the street or track faster and more conveniently than ever! With a more powerful engine, Roto Start System, 2-speed transmission, pre-painted body and more - this is the RTR touring car of choice for any discerning new buyer! The RTR Nitro 3 Evo uses the same chassis and major components of the Nitro 3 series. Preassembled on a 2.5mm thick purple anodized 6061 aluminium chassis, the RTR 3 Evo uses a durable shaft drive train with a removable radio tray. A HPI TF-3 radio, receiver and servos provide for a reliable and trustworthy electronics package.

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