Catch the 3D Action!

Mon, 20th February 2012

Now YOU can experience the fun 3D video that entertained crowds at the 2012 Nurnberg Toy Fair! We've spliced and diced the best three-dimensional action clips we could get into a thrilling sequence of fast-moving action and high-flying stunts for your enjoyment! While we're at it, we've also added HPI's Frank in some exclusive in-studio scenes to make it fun as well as exciting!

To watch the video in all its best 3D glory, switch on the 3D function of your 3D monitor or TV and grab the glasses that came with your screen! Then click the red '3D' button and choose 'Interleaved' and you're ready for the action! You can also watch the video if you have a normal screen, too! Just get yourself a pair of red/blue 3D glasses (like you probably have stashed away somewhere at home!) and turn on the 3D mode of the video by clicking the red '3D' button and choosing the 'Red/Cyan' mode. Ready?

Now just press Play :)

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