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#7119 - TOURING CAR REAR WING SET (2 TYPES/190mm/Clear)

High Performance Polycarbonate Wing for Electric Touring Car

Снято с производства, Замена: #7115

These high performance touring car wings are available for both 190mm and 200mm bodyshells. The new designs offer high down force, ridges for extra stiffness, and can be trimmed to tune the rear grip. The bottoms of all wings are flat to make mounting easy on almost all race bodies. Bodies with no mounting posts or curved mounting posts can use the optional #85193 Wing Mount Set (Molded Plastic / Black).

The wings are moulded from 0.030" clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life. #7119 - 190mm wing set This set includes two wings: a 190mm 3D shaped wing, and a 185mm straight wing that is designed for compatibility with Japanese racing rules. #7120 - 200mm wing set This set includes two wings: a 200mm 3D shaped wing and a 200mm straight wing.

(Wing sets include mounting screws and complete instructions.)

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