Nową wersję Scouta RC z 2017 roku charakteryzują wszystkie wprowadzone zmiany, które polepszyły i unowocześniły model od kiedy został po raz pierwszy zaprezentowany, zaczynając od wodoodpornej elektroniki aż po wzmocniony centralny wał napędowy. Zupełnie nowym elementem dodanym do najnowszej wersji są nowe kolory nadwozia, nisko zawieszony korpus i aluminiowe ramię serva, które zapewnia lepsze i bardziej precyzyjne sterowanie realizowane przez 9kg servo mechanizm.
Crawler, Maveric Scout RC to bardzo popularny model wśród fanów crawlingu. Ta replika oryginalnego crawlera stała się podstawą dla wielu modyfikacji realizowanych przez jego posiadaczy. Uwielbialiśmy oglądać co właściciele robią z ich modelami Scouta. Teraz możesz mieć swój nowy zmodyfikowany model Maverick Scout aby zacząć wprowadzać własne fantastyczne innowacje!

Scout Spec:


1. Metal suspension links in new anodizing
For extreme off-road durability

2. MM-25 brushed motor
All the power you need to climb impossible hills

3. Extra-long coil-over shocks
Provide maximum suspension damping in all terrain





4. Shaft 4WD drivetrain
Equipped with universal joints

5. Metal steering links and servo horn
Strong and efficient

6. Grippy rubber crawling tires
With deep sidewall tread for extra climbing ability

7. Waterproof crawling speed controller
Features specific crawling modes for extra climbing ability

8. Waterproof 3-channel 2.4GHz receiver
Protected from splashes and rain for driving in all conditions

9. Powerful water-resistant servo
Mounted on the axle for maximum power transfer

The Ultimate Go-Anywhere RC Truck
The Maverick Scout RC is superbly outfitted for off-road adventure, no matter where you want to go! With the extra-low 1:48 gearing thanks to its tough sealed transmission & differential and the superb traction and grip from the large tires, the Scout is a great truck for climbing, crawling and trail driving whether you want to leave it completely stock or completely customize it. The solid axle 4-link suspension is fitted with extra-long, oil-filled dampers and aluminum links give the Scout over 6 inches (14.5cm) of travel at each wheel for over 80 degrees of articulation between the front and rear axle. This lets you easily get over tall, seemingly impossible obstacles! Finally, the powerful 9kg steering servo is now equipped with an all-new aluminum servo horn for extra steering power, letting you get around the toughest obstacles, no matter whether they're ultra-grippy dry granite rocks or a group of moss-covered tree roots.


The Maverick Scout RC is a great introduction to crawler trucks, whether it's your first RC vehicle or your tenth! It's the perfect way to get children or significant others involved in RC and joining you on the trail if you've already got a dedicated and fully outfitted crawler truck. The Scout gives drivers of all skill levels the confidence to hit the rock pile or the trail with ease for hours of RC fun! 

Maverick Scout RC Features:

  • Crystal Free 2.4Ghz Transmitter and Receiver with built-in failsafe
  • 9Kg high-torque steering servo with cast aluminum servo horn
  • Over 6 inches of suspension travel at over 80 degrees articulation!
  • Battery strap securely holds packs in the chassis
  • 4 oil-filled rebuildable shocks with progressive springs
  • Special titanium anodized shock tops
  • 1:48 super low gear ratio for maximum climbing torque
  • Super strong twin vertical plate chassis
  • Tough efficient 4WD shaft drive train
  • Fully ball bearing-supported drivetrain
  • 2.2 inch beadlock wheels
  • Medium compound crawler tires offer all-round performance and durability
  • Pre-cut body with custom factory paint job
  • Front and rear molded bumpers
  • Ready-To-Crawl straight from the box!

7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH battery stick pack
Multi-region wall battery charger

Length: 440mm
Width: 255mm
Height: 255mm
Wheelbase: 305mm

Items Required:
4 x AA Batteries

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