We Love Local Hobby Shops!

Fri, 14th February 2020

It's 2020 and we at HPI believe more than ever that bricks and mortar hobby shops are the backbone of the RC industry!

Yes it's true that many people choose to shop online and so it's not been easy for our beloved stores in recent years. However, with a technical hobby like RC, there is nothing better than to have your local friendly hobby store on hand with their years of experience and inside knowledge... In fact no RC hobbyist should be without one!

So today, we're urging everyone to make their next HPI purchase from an actual person, over the counter in an actual store! We're absolutely sure you won't regret it. Take a look here and see if there's one near you!


If you're a local hobby shop stocking HPI and you're not on our map... Get in touch with your Distributor who will arrange to get you added to the map!!

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