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4.6cm3/carb. Tiroir comp./Reducteur 8.5 et 8.0mm/Tete refroid. alu./Echap. Arr.

Arrêté, replacement parts: #111595, #1495

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The HPI Nitro Star K4.6 HO engine is the high output (HO) version of the well known HPI Nitro Star K4.6 engine (#15201). The new high output version is optimized for higher revs and the use on tracks with stadium trucks.

With even more power makes the Nitro Star K4.6 HO the ultimate big block engine for your Monster Truck. HPI's high performance Hellfire truck (#10501) comes preinstalled with the Nitro Star K4.6 HO engine. (*picture shows optional clutchbell, flywheel and mounting) Specification for Nitro Star K4.6 High Output

  • Displacement: 4.59cc
  • Engine Size: 4.6cm³ (0.28in³)
  • Brake Horse Power (BHP): 2.95
  • Bore: 18.6 mm.
  • Stroke: 16.9 mm.
  • Practical rpm : 3100 ~ 39500 rpm.
  • Maximum Horse Power at RPM: 2.95 hp @38000 rpm
  • Maximum RPM : 41000 rpm.
  • Exhaust Position: Rear
  • Starter: Pullstart (op. Roto Start)


  • Type: Composite Slide
  • Bore: 9.0mm with 8.0mm and 8.5mm reducer

Please see our Roto Start Compatibility Guide to find the right Roto Start system for this engine.

Download PDF instructions for #15204 (22.7 MB)

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