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#ML14502 - Merlin Cessna T-206 RTF Aeroplane (UK) V2


The Merlin Cessna T-206 is a great trainer RTF plane for intermediate pilots to learn with. Advanced manoeuvres such as barrel rolls are made easy with the 4-channel radio and aileron control surfaces. The brushless 1300Kv motor provides all the power you could want in a plane this size, and extra features like a steerable front wheel, wing supports and navigation lights add to the scale realism. Merlin planes are the ideal option for pilots of any skill level! The new ML14502 is the upgraded version of the original, popular ML14501, it has more power and a stronger fuselage make it an even better trainer for all pilots.
[qt-video 512,288,false][/qt-video] Video of the original Cessna T-206, however the V2 flies even better!
FEATURES: - Scale Appearance - Ideal intermediate level aileron trainer easy to fly, yet capable of aerobatic manoeuvres - Steerable front wheel - Built in navigation lights - Reinforced main wing - Hinged control surfaces for free movement - Detachable cowl - Improved wire undercarriage allows quick and easy detachment - Winglets on wing tips delay the onset of stalls, allowing slower flight - 1700mAh LiPo battery included - 12V/240V Balancing Battery Charger for home and field charging giving increased safety & longer battery life - 35 Mhz FM radio included - Spare parts available from any good local model shop Wingspan:1080mm Fuse length: 965mm Height: 306mm Weight: 610g

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