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#7498 - STILETTO V12 BODY (200mm/WB255mm)

1/10 Touring Car Size/Use 3mm offset wheel for 190mm width chassis


Available clear and pre-painted! HPI bodyshell designers were given total freedom to design a genuine HPI sports car bodyshell for the 200mm chassis. Optimized aerodynamics for optimal handling and cool look was the goal. The result is the genuine HPI Stiletto V12 body - a state of the art sports car design with optimum down-force for best possible track handling. A moulded black plastic wing is included, ready to be mounted to the bodyshell. It gives the Stiletto additional down-force at the rear and a cool, ?race look?! Available in clear and pre-painted versions: #7498 - STILETTO V12 BODY #7733 - STILETTO V12 BODY PRE PAINTED & PRE-CUT

The clear HPI Stiletto bodyshell is made from high quality polycarbonate and offers the same great features as all other HPI bodyshells: 1. Photorealistic pre-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlight, grille, back lights, official logos and more.. > For a perfect finish with a lot of details. 2. Pre-cut vinyl window masks > For easy and precise window masking 3. Wheel centre point marks > For accurate wheel cutting 4. Overspray film > For a immaculate finish without overspray 5. High quality polycarbonate with excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance > For extra strength and longer life 6. Dimple marks for body post drill locations that fits all HPI and Tamiya cars (TL-01 size) > For easy drilling and accurate fitting to the chassis 7. Wings incl. winglets and mounting screws (not for all types) > For optimal down force and cool look 8. Decal and mounting instructions sheet > To make fitting as easy as possible

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