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The Exciting Follow-Up to the Hugely Popular Pro-R! With the Hot Bodies Lightning Stadium 2 Pro, you can get all the latest racing truggy features in an updated and fresh and package! This is the ultimate 1/8th scale stadium truck racing kit! No track conditions are too tough for this awesome beast! The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro takes advantage of recent developments in truggy racing to give you all the advantages that add up to lower lap times and more podium finishes! The pre-assembled chassis is completely ready for your high-powered big-block racing engine and radio gear, so you can get off the workbench and out to the track fast! Chassis The chassis of the Lightning Stadium 2 Pro deserves special attention because the base chassis has been upgraded to 7075 T6 aircraft aluminium alloy. This specialist blend of aluminium is extremely lightweight compared to standard aluminium, plus it's very tough and resistant to bending and scratching as you race around the off-road circuit. To make the chassis even lighter, several areas of the upper surface of the chassis have been CNC machined to lighten the chassis further. Enhancing the already stiff nature of the 7075 T6 alloy, the sides of the chassis are bent up, and super-strong front and rear chassis braces provide a huge amount of fore-and-aft stiffness. The rear brace is made from extra thick carbon fibre, is keyed to the chassis for extra strength and attaches to the chassis with two widely spaced machined aluminium mounts. The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro is one of the stiffest stadium truck racing chassis available! The radio tray and middle bulkhead are made from carbon fibre to add extra rigidity and lower weight. The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro also uses a complete set of hex head screws for reliable and secure hardware. You get strip-free and tough hardware throughout! Included in the kit box is a full set of additional parts to get you rolling fast. You'll find a large foam air filter with a rubber 90-degree neck, a rear-exhaust exhaust manifold with gasket and mounting springs, and an aluminium tuned pipe to fit on any big-block engine from 3.5 to 4.6cc in size! Also included to fully outfit the Lightning Stadium 2 Pro for racing duty is a handy parts bag which includes: adjustable wing mounting hardware, ride height adjustment rings, a fitted splash guard, adjustable brake hardware, servo mounting hardware, silicone receiver switch cover, transponder mount and fuel tube routing clips! Drivetrain The power delivery of the Lightning Stadium 2 Pro is provided by the same 4WD shaft drivetrain used by the US National Champion Lightning 1/8th scale rallycross buggy. Shaft drive is the way to go when it comes to truggy racing, because it provides it's the most durable and most reliable drivetrain available. In rocky, dirty, wet and sandy conditions, the Lightning Stadium 2 Pro drivetrain cannot be beaten! The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro drivetrain features a bearing-equipped clutchbell, aluminium flywheel, 3-shoe clutch, steel spur gear, front and rear centre universal dogbones, spiral cut bevel gears, completely sealed planetary 4-gear diffs, tough steel outdrives, universal dogbones at all four corners, and a full complement of rubber-sealed ball bearings. Bringing everything to a fast and safe stop is a pair of cross-drilled steel disc brakes that are clamped with new one-piece calipers with specialised high-strength pads. The brake bias is independently adjustable to give you the best driving feel when you have to brake. The .21 big-block engine that you supply bolts to the chassis with machined billet heatsink engine mounts, which in turn are mounted to thick aluminium plates bolted into the chassis. This allows you to remove the engine and replace quickly without having to constantly adjust the gear mesh - just unbolt and go! The mounts will fit any engine from 3.5 to 4.6cc for monster horsepower! The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro features a complete set of universal dogbones to get the power from the engine and centre gearbox to all four wheels. These are highly efficient driveshafts with minimal backlash at any angle for fast throttle and brake response, so you get immediate response from the truck as you race around the track. Made from high-strength steel, the universals are very strong and stand up to the punishment of any big-block engine! To give you extra runtime and more fun on the track, the fuel tank is larger than previous Lightning Stadium trucks: 150cc instead of the 125cc of earlier models, so you can get in more laps before needing to pull into the pits! The internal baffles keep sloshing and fuel bubbles to a minimum and the integrated stone filter protect your engine's delicate internal bits. Suspension & Steering The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro is equipped with a fully-featured suspension design that combines extreme ruggedness and total adjustability to give you the ultimate stadium truck racing platform! Extra-long suspension arms and turnbuckles combine with long-stroke shock absorbers for lightweight & fast-acting suspension, perfect for great handling in all conditions! New composite plastic suspension arms replace the strong but heavy arms that were included with the Lighting Stadium Pro-R. These light but extremely durable arms are mounted to the chassis with all-new zero-degree aluminium hinge pin blocks and extremely tough carbon steel hinge pins. The factory-fitted shock absorbers are fully assembled and filled with oil right out of the box, so there's no need to take time to properly build and bleed the shocks - just bolt in your engine and install your radio gear and get to the track! The shock towers feature five shock mount points for a huge range of tuning options when combined with the two mount points on the suspension arms. The shocks use â€Â˜captured' rod ends on the arms so they will stay in place and are protected from crash damage. The shock mounts on the arms are also held in place with unique screws that use an anti-clockwise thread for the front right (FR) and rear left (RL) shocks, so the screws do not loosen during a race day or a long A Final. The front steering knuckles and rear hubs are also made from tough, chunky CNC-machined aluminium for extra toughness! The front universal joints are protected from rocks by the front uprights, and the rear uprights include mounting holes for optional mud scrapers for the inside of the wheels. The front and rear uprights use long screws with metal locking nuts to attach to the suspension arms for extra durability. Tough steel turnbuckles and thick rod ends complete the suspension tuning, and let you make quick trackside adjustments. Multiple camber link locations let you adjust the roll centre fast for noticeable handling changes on the track. The Lightning Stadium 2 Pro is also equipped with front and rear swaybars for total sure-footed traction and stability on all types of tracks. You get full confidence in your truck when it handles this well! Features

  • New 7075 T6 aluminium main chassis is lightweight and extra strong
  • Fully adjustable racing suspension with ultra long suspension arms for best on-track performance
  • Long-stroke shock absorbers with tuned racing springs and rubber shock socks for smooth damping
  • New front + rear shock towers with 5 shock mount positions and 3 camber link mounts for multiple tuning options
  • Tough aluminium rear uprights for durability with 3 camber link mounts for multiple tuning options
  • Tough aluminium steering knuckles for added durability
  • Universal dogbones used for front, rear and centre (new) driveshafts for optimal power transfer
  • Fully equipped with rubber-sealed ball bearings for extra efficiency and performance
  • Two adjustable steel disk brakes (front + rear) for optimal stopping power
  • Spiral-cut steel bevel gears for reliable power transfer to the differentials
  • Front + rear sway bars for less chassis roll and faster cornering speeds
  • New aluminium zero-degree front suspension mounts for extra toughness and improved traction
  • New rear 7mm machined aluminium suspension mounts for added durability
  • New 1.5 degree rear anti-squat angle for better acceleration
  • New carbon stainless steel inner hinge pins for add durability
  • New outer hinge pins with nylon nut for added durability
  • New lower shock mounting screws with anticlockwise thread (front-right and rear-left) - won't come loose even in the toughest race!
  • New high quality steel hex screws throughout for quick disassembly and toughness
  • Fully adjustable steel turnbuckles with thick rod ends and multiple mount options
  • Two steering link mounts for Ackermann adjustability
  • Oversized aluminium servo saver for precise steering and servo protection
  • Upper front chassis and steering brace for stiffness and precise steering
  • New thick woven carbon fibre rear chassis brace is lightweight and strong for optimal chassis stiffness and stability
  • Fully flat underside of the chassis with countersunk hex screws
  • New large 150cc fuel tank has 25cc more capacity than previous 125cc truggy fuel tanks, resulting in more runtime and less pit stops
  • Water resistant radio box for protecting the radio gear
  • Ultra soft HB "cross lug" mini pin racing tyres on new racing dish wheels for best traction on most surfaces
  • Tough nylon racing wing for extra downforce and stability
  • Adjustable wing mount to fine tune the aerodynamics
  • Fully assembled stadium truck chassis, ready for your big block engine and radio gear
  • Tough nylon front bumper and skid plate for extra crash protection
  • Clear bodyshell for custom paint schemes
#66786 Lightning Stadium 2 Pro Factory assembled without radio or engine. Includes comprehensive instructions manual. What You Need 2-channel radio 8 AA batteries for radio 2 servos receiver battery pack .21 engine engine starter box nitro fuel fuel bottle glow plug igniter

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