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Lightweight version of the Subaru Impreza Type B body shell. The lightweight version of this shell is at least 30g lighter than the standard version!

The following bodies are also available in a lightweight version:

Designed and developed by Team Hot Bodies touring car racers, this is the latest HB bodyshell designed specifically for pro-level racers!

The Subaru Impreza Type B replicates the endurance and touring car racing STI variant that competes in pro and semi-pro on-road racing around the world. The sleek lines of the HB Type B bodyshell provide immense downforce, straight-line stability and cornering levels that approach pin-point accuracy.

Ultimate Racing Performance
This body was designed, tested and proven on the race track. HB designers and team drivers did extensive testing using several different body shapes and aerodynamic variations. The result of the testing is the 'Type B', which outperformend other versions in steering response and stability.

High Performance Aerodynamic Features
The Type B body looks great, but it's not just about looks! The scoop on the hood and the spoiler on the rear window gave the body more stability during track testing. The smooth front bumper features a large splitter for high downforce and maximum efficiency. Flat side panels provide consistent stability on the track, and the door areas are reinforced to reduce deflection at high speeds. Extra-large wing mount areas transfer all the downforce from the wing to the rear suspension for increased traction.

Direct Fit for the Cyclone TC
Body post marks make it easy to fit the Type B to the Cyclone TC touring car, and calibrated wheel centre marks allow you to easily match the wheel openings to the wheelbase of your chassis. Extended mounting lines allow you to accurately move the body forward or backward on the chassis to fine-tune the handling of your car.

Officially Licensed
This bodyshell isn't just based on the world-famouse Subaru Impreza, it's an officially licensed product!

Top racers will notice the measurable difference in car feedback when using this bodyshell, and every touring car driver will love the dramatic increase in traction over older designs. With highly improved aero balance, you're practically guaranteed lower lap times on the track!

Racers of all skill levels on any type of track surface will really appreciate the attention to detail and performance, as well as the availability of a new, cool bodyshell to use!

Max Performance Hint: boost performance by reducing the gap between the front foam bumper and the inside of the bodyshell.

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