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#61732 - C12 Mark-3

For small, medium or large track, the C12 Mark-3 bodyshell is a great choice for racers. It is a compromise between the high-downforce Mark-1 open cockpit design and the Mark-2 low-downforce design. The closed-cockpit design and high downforce details are enhanced by the low, chassis-hugging shape. Try it and you will love it!

For small, tight tracks, try the #61730 C12 Mark-1 bodyshell, which is an open cockpit design, perfect for extra traction in the twisty bits! For large, flowing tracks, you'll find the #61731 C12 Mark-2 bodyshell very hard to beat! Check out the latest range of Hot Bodies shells for your Cyclone 12: #61730 C12 Mark-1 (open cockpit, high downforce) #61731 C12 Mark-2 (closed cockpit, high speed) #61732 C12 Mark-3 (closed cockpit, extra downforce)

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