The Latest Version of the World Champion Buggy from HB
Introducing the D812 buggy from the minds at HB! This buggy embodies the latest refinements and improvements that have come directly from the HB racing team for the 2012-2013 racing season. Starting with the basis of the World Champion D8 buggy, and improving even on the Vice World Champion Hara Edition, the D812 improves the D8 in every way. Monocoque suspension arms allow you to tune the suspension setup for extra flex or more stiffness for a completely new feel to your driving. For faster acceleration and quicker in-air pitch control, the drivetrain gears are lighter. New CVD boots retain grease and keep out dirt to extend the life of your drive axles. Aluminium drive axles, caster blocks and rear hubs improve on the already legendary durability of the D8. The D812 also features the same ease of maintenance and setup that racers have come to love, such as a one-piece radio tray for easy cleaning, and a single CNC engine mount so you can 'set and forget' your gear mesh!
Run like the Champion! Get Ty's setup sheets
The D812 is completely updated with the latest input from HB team drivers Ty Tessmann and Atsushi Hara - from the front to rear, the car is fully optimized for top-level racing!
The D812 chassis is constructed from tough and lightweight aluminium, and is designed to be narrow with all of its components sitting as low as possible. The narrowness and low CG allows for the best handling properites, which when combined with World-class suspension design, gives the HB racing team the unfair advantage on the track.
A sturdy C-hub style front suspension handles things up front, with aluminium uprights, graphite steering knuckle arms and steel turnbuckles. Aluminium uprights and steel turnbuckles take care of getting the power to the ground at the rear end. The shocks are long-stroke versions of the World Champion HB Big Bore shocks, which feature aluminium bodies with threaded bodies and threaded top and bottom caps. Controlling the chassis roll at each end of the car are conventional wire sway bars.
Features Summary
  • Centralized chassis weight for superior handling
  • Monocoque style suspension arms for strength, stiffness, and ease of cleaning
  • HB Big Bore threaded aluminium shocks for excellent suspension control
  • Race-optimized steering
  • Long stroke shocks for long suspension travel
  • Lightweight drivetrain gears have less rotational mass for quicker acceleration
  • Lightweight aluminium axles
  • Graphite steering knuckle arms
  • One-piece engine mount for easy engine installation without resetting gear mesh
  • Aluminium front and rear shock towers
  • CVD boots to retain grease in axles and keep dirt out
  • Adjustable hinge pin heights, kickup, and anti-squat angle
  • Adjustable rear toe-in (inboard and outboard)
  • Steel skid plate in chassis to extend chassis life
  • Aluminium front caster blocks
  • Aluminium rear hub carriers
  • One-piece radio tray
  • Fuel clunk for continuous fuel pick-up even when upside down
  • Low-profile air filter
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Threaded outer hinge pins
  • Steel turnbuckles
  • 2012 ROAR National Champion!
#109428 HB D812 Nitro racing buggy kit with wheels and body. Engine, exhaust, electronics, tyres, inserts and radio system required to complete the car.
HB D812 spec: Length: 480mm Width: 310mm Wheelbase: 327mm (adjustable)
What You Need:
  • .21 size racing buggy engine
  • Tuned exhaust pipe and header
  • Tyres
  • Inserts
  • 2-channel radio system with 2 servos, receiver and battery
  • Fuel
  • Fuel bottle
  • Receiver battery pack
  • Glow igniter
  • Starter box
  • Polycarbonate paint

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