Hara Drives HB D8 to World Championship!

Mon, 22nd September 2008

What an amazing weekend! Hot Bodies team drivers placed FOUR D8 buggies in the World Championship Final after a week of qualifying in formidable conditions, and Atsushi Hara claims his second IFMAR World Championship title, this time in the celebrated '1:8 IC Off Road' class!!

During a tough week of qualifying, Hara and Hot Bodies teammates Travis Amezcua, Ty Tessman and Jesse Robbers were battling the conditions in North Carolina, on the southeast coast of the United States. The first round of qualifying was dry, then two days of torrential rain followed that swamped the track and forced teams to find rain ponchos and waterproof boots! The skies and the track dried up in time for the last couple of rounds of qualifying to be run under dry conditions, and when it was all over and the early final rounds had been run on Saturday, Team Hot Bodies had twice as many cars in the Final as any other manufacturer! During the first half of the hour-long Final, three drivers with different cars were swapping positions as they battled on the track and came in for pit stops. At the halfway mark, Hara made his move into third and started dicing hard for first position, swapping spots constantly with jump passes, tight corner passes, everything in his repertoire. For over 15 minutes the fight went on, with the crowd on its feet and shouting encouragement for the top three drivers. Suddenly, third place flamed out at his final pit stop and it was a two-horse race for the final 6 minutes! Hara had a 12-second lead and slowed right down to take his time and make sure he didn't flip or run out of fuel. With second place catching up at 2 seconds a lap, Hara crossed the line a second and a half ahead to claim his second IFMAR World Champion title!

It was a fantastic race and a great end to the event, especially for the Hot Bodies team! With most of our drivers running completely stock cars, and the D8 performing well at its first major race - the World Championships, no less! - this was a dream come true for designer Josh Alton and everyone at Hot Bodies!

Everyone at HPI/HB would like to thank the guys who made this win possible: Josh Alton, the D8's designer - a legend now! Team drivers Atsushi Hara, Ty Tessman, Travis Amezcua and Jesse Robbers, as well as 'papa' Miura-san who looked after the team. We can't forget also the staff at The Farm II, who did a fantastic job of hosting the race and building a truly world-class track! Also Philip at Neo Buggy for allowing us to use his pictures from the event, generously (and expensively!) uploaded for the world to see, and the live race text feed, which was great to follow! Check out NeoBuggy.net to get loads of pictures and extra details about the race, and see these other sites for discussion of the race and news as it happened: RC Tech IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Championships discussion Daily reports, pictures and VIDEO from RC Car Action RB Products reports and pictures from the race Hara becomes the first driver to win separate World Championships in electric and nitro classes, and only the third driver in IFMAR WC history to win in separate off-road and on-road classes! Also we're sure Ty Tessman is the youngest-ever driver in an IFMAR 1/8th Buggy WC Final! Be sure to get those orders in for the D8 now, your local model shop is going to run out of them soon! The Hot Bodies D8: World Champion, bargain price!

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