The Nitro RS4 3 Type SS has many of the features found on our popular Nitro RS4 3, making it a great kit for parking lot drivers. Our number one request from customers was to eliminate the problem of rocks getting stuck in the drive belts, so we eliminated belts completely and added a tough shaft drive system similar to what has proven successful on our popular Nitro RS4 MT and Super Nitro Rally.
Also included are an enclosed receiver and battery box, removable radio tray, and stiffer 2.5mm chassis. An adjustable 2 speed transmission is included to increase top speed. And, we've added adjustable turnbuckles for easy tuning.
Two speed transmission included!
Nitro RS4 3 Type SS features:
  • 2 speed transmission!
  • High-flow tube header and Tuned Pipe
  • Durable shaft drive system with full-time 4WD
  • Sealed metal bevel gear differentials
  • Tuned front differential for improved handling
  • 2.5mm countersunk purple anodized 6065 aluminum chassis
  • Covered radio tray for easy cleaning
  • Full set of 18 rubber-sealed ball bearings throughout the car
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Precut foam bumper
  • Split-6 wheels with D-Compound X-Pattern Radial tyres
With all of these features, the Nitro RS4 3 Type SS kit is a terrific successor to the Nitro RS4 2! Note: Engine and Body not included