The RS4 Sport 3: A Real RC Fan's Street Car!

Mon, 25th April 2016


The RS4 Sport 3 has been wowing HPI fans and inspiring a new generation of on-road RC fans to greatness! The latest model replica to join the RS4 Sport 3 line-up is the amazing Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5, as it comes straight from Vaughn Gittin Jr's tuning garage! 


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The classic shape of the original M 3-series BMW always turns heads when there's motorheads about - and the same is true of the 1/10th scale version!  



One from the weekend, sliding sundays wet weather drifting. #hpiracing #sport3 #rain #rcdrift #winter

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If drifting is more your thing, HPI has you covered! The Sport 3 BRZ version is the best way to get sideways with your friend - or a friendly drone!




Of course, when the time comes there's no replacement for top speed jollies!