Fri, 17th June 2011

21-22 MAY HPI Europe, based in Derby, had very kindly arranged for Dave's Baja 5B to be shipped to HPI USA, California who would then forward it to Diggers Dungeon, North Carolina for the Nationals. In April, we drove to HPI Europe's headquarters from West Wales and left the Baja 5B with Robin for the start of its transatlantic journey.

We arrived in Florida at the beginning of May and after settling in, met up with our American friends Rick and Bobby to travel to Titusville for a 10th scale electric short course race meeting at the Space Coast Short Course Club. We used this as a warm up for the Baja Nationals, and had a really enjoyable race day in the sun. On the Tuesday before the Nationals we drove from Florida to North Carolina, a 780 mile 12 ½ hour journey. Wednesday – The Baja 5b had arrived intact and also a Baja 5SC that Dave had ordered earlier. The day was spent checking and setting up the 5b & 5SC for the racing in one of the workshops at the Dungeon. We had to make Dave's 5SC stand out from the other red 5SC's so we used some reflective yellow tape to put a flame design on the roof and a Welsh dragon on the side window. Thursday – Open practise day. The all dirt motocross style off-road track used 75% of the oval track plus all of the oval infield. The all dirt oval track had banked corners which was regularly graded, rolled and watered. Friday – Qualifying started for the 5 classes of racing; 5B off-road, 5T / 5SC off-road, 5B oval, 5T / 5SC oval, EDM. Saturday – Concourse and Second day of qualifying, which finally finished under floodlights at 2.30 a.m. Sunday morning. We won 3rd place with the 5B out of 140 Bajas on display in the concourse. Thanks to Warren from Swansea for his great paint job. Dave qualified straight into 3 ‘A' Main finals and the oval 5T ‘B Main final for Sunday's racing. Sunday – Handout time (freebies from the sponsors), then straight into the finals. We had to wait until later in the day for Dave's finals. Spent the time checking everything over, making sure everything was ok. First final up was the 30 minute A Main 5T SC, Dave had qualified 6th, finished in 5th place. Second final - 30 minute A Main 5B, qualified 4th, finished 5th. Third final – 10 minute B Main Oval 5T SC, qualified 6th finished 2nd so bumped up to the 15 minute ‘A' Main in 10th place, finished 2nd. Fifth final 15 minute A Main Oval 5B – started 1st, broke a drive shaft, finished 7th. All in all, an excellent venue and race meeting, plus Dave was really pleased to be in 4 out of the 5 A Main finals and to have led all 4 of the finals at some stage. Thanks to all the sponsors who made this event possible, and special thanks go to HPI Europe, John Schulz of HPI USA, Henry Cross, Debbies Hobbies & Mark of TGN. RESULTS A Main Truck Oval 1 Travis Mowery 2 Dave Clutterbuck 3 Michael Davey 4 Bob Cross A Main 5B Oval 1 Mark Murgia 2 Bryce Garner 3 Laurie Willis 4 Marty Harrell 5 John Fedyna A Main EDM Oval 1 John Schultz 2 David Zettlemoyer 3 Steve Joslin 4 Mike Thiilking 5 Lance Jones A Main Truck Off Road 1 John Schultz 2 Donnie Murlatt 3 Harold Brundage 4 Travis Mowery 5 Dave Clutterbuck A Main 5B Off Road 1 Michael Dayton 2 Eric Pfeiffer 3 David Zettlemoyer 4 Michael Delong 5 Dave Clutterbuck Report by Jo Clutterbuck Check out the No Limit RC UK web site! Find No Limit RC UK on Facebook!