Baja 5B halfway around Iceland!

Tue, 26th June 2007

The circumnavigation of Iceland is halfway finished!
The Baja Round Trip of Iceland, which we first told you about last week, has been a great success so far and the car and driver are doing great! We have been told the #2018 3000mAh Receiver Battery is working up to four hours per charge as the Baja 5B makes its way along the historic Iceland Route 1, and each set of the #4837 front and #4840 rear Tarmac Buster tyres are lasting up to 400km, or nearly 250 miles! The pictures in this article were taken in the ancient city of Reykjavik, which means 'smokey bay' in Icelandic, because of the many steam vents and geysers in the area. The Baja 5B is shown in front of the famous 'Pearl', which contains hot water tanks that warm the city (as well as a rotating restaurant and museum of Icelandic history); also in front of the very tall Hallgrímskirkja church, which can be seen from anywhere in Reykjavik; and below the statue of Leifur Eiríksson, the Viking explorer who discovered Greenland and North America in the 11th century. The 1400km (870 mile) journey is scheduled to end soon, check back soon for more pictures and a full report from Iceland! Just a few Baja 5B options are being used for this trip: #4840 rear Tarmac Buster tyres #4837 front Tarmac Buster tyres #3275 Heavy Duty Beadlock Rims #80584 Metal Gear Conversion for the steering servo #2018 3000mAh Receiver Battery #86498 18T Pinion Gear #ED010351 Edit Dog Bones Car: #10601 HPI Baja 5B RC Driver: Bjarki St. Hermannsson Mechanic:Björn B. Steinarsson Photographer: Guffi