1/8th Scale Racing Kit For serious racers looking for the ultimate in speed and tuning capability, look no further! The HPI Proceed is capable of 0-60 in less than 3 seconds on the way to a top speed in excess of 70 mph. The Proceed in not for the faint of heart! This kit is turly for the hardcore racer who wants to experience the most demanding on-road R/C racing experience. The 1/8th scale racing class is considered to be the "Formula 1 of R/C racing" and with cars like the Proceed, it/'s easy to see why! The Proceed features top quality components, including a 5mm thick 7075S aluminum chassis, 2.5mm thick woven graphite radio deck, quick change front and rear wheels, double wishbone suspension, dual kingpin pivot balls for the front and rear uprights, adjustable front swaybars, thick steel brake disk with fibre disc pads, and threaded shock bodies for quick ride height adjustment. Proceed Features:
  • Full ball bearings throughtout the car
  • Centre-mounted rubber dampened fuel tank
  • Adjustable front caster with easy to use clips
  • E-clipless pivot joints for all suspension hingepins
  • Easy shock mounting system with allen screws and pivot pins
  • Centre mounted steering servo with turnbuckle tie-in adjustment
  • Balanced radio plate design with a centre-mounted receiver pack
  • Sliding-type adjustable swaybar and thick rear swaybar
  • Floating rear body mount connected directly to the suspension
  • New six-spoke wheels with easy access to suspension access to suspension adjustment screws!
  • Main Chassis: 5mm 7075S anodised aluminum, front end is angle-cut
  • Upper Deck/Radio Plate: 2.5mm woven carbon graphite
  • Triple belt 4WD system, middle belt has bearing belt tensioner
  • Two speed transmission(featuring dual clutch shoes
  • Innovative new flywheel clutch
  • Solid rear axel
  • Front one-way diff
Note: The Proceed does not include radio system, body, engine, header or tuned pipe. Kit requires a .21 size rear exhust engine.

Specification may be subject to change

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