LIVE from the Nürnberg Toy Fair: The Baja 5B with D-Box 2!

Sat, 31st January 2015

For 2015, the Baja 5B has been updated with a fresh new look and is now equipped with the amazing #105409 D-Box 2! 

The Baja 5B body now features the latest, coolest HPI design against a black background so it matches the most recent HPI releases. 

The #105409 D-Box 2 is an amazing, tiny box that contains your secret weapon for driving on wet, loose or slippery surfaces! It connects between the Baja 5B receiver and steering servo and its sensitive internal gyro detects minute shifts to correct the steering of the Baja 5B so it goes straight when you want it to. 

The D-Box 2 sensitivity can be adjusted whenever you like, and it also features 4 different modes that allow you to alter how the D-Box 2 reacts in different situations. Check out all the details of the D-Box 2 here!

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