HPI Sponsors Motorsport Fine Art!

Thu, 19th May 2011

Ian Cook is the only artist working with radio-controlled models and model cars to create huge works of art that are highly sought after among art and motorsport fans! His studio is called 'Popbang Colour' and he travels to many corporate and racing events to do paintings live in front of hundreds of onlookers and car fans! Ian creates his artworks using RC cars, model cars, full-size car tyres and more to spread paint aross huge blank canvasses, making gigantic pieces featuring classic car makes, famous racing drivers and much more!

HPI Racing are proud to sponsor Ian with HPI touring cars, bodyshells and tyres (all-important for getting the paint on the canvas!) throughout his summer 'traveling season', and we're always looking forward to seeing what else he can create using just paint and his HPI car! Check out the official Sparco website for an interview with Ian which features his HPI E10 and HPI banner! Check out Ian's work on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr!

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