Tue, 11th May 2010

You may have heard whisperings online, but now we can officially announce that this year's Baja Endurance Series Final Race will be held the first weekend of September, the 3rd and 4th, in The Netherlands! The RACC2000 club in Utrecht will be the host location, providing us with a stable, maintenance-free racing track, lighting, huge pit area and more, plus on-site food and refreshments!

The race will be organized by the same people who organize the RCRace.nl website and forums, and have very successfully run the many large Baja races in The Netherlands for many years now, so we are confident that everything will run smoothly. For all the information as it's available, visit hpibaja-endurance.eu! Complete race details will be available shortly, but here are the quick details: - 12-hr race (can't do 24 hours because of local noise restrictions) - Friday, 3 September is Registration, Practice and Qualifying - Saturday, 4 September is morning Warm-Up and Race from 9:00 AM to 21:00 PM - Sunday, 5 September we are planning fun racer activities for everyone who doesn't have to go home! - same general rules as previous races except standard 5B/5T mufflers only (again, noise restrictions) - limited to 18 cars/teams - teams will be more limited in terms of rear end changes/motor swaps (like a real endurance race) - Friday night minibus trip to downtown Utrecht (university town, many clubs) - live music and BBQ after the prize ceremony right at the track - bar at the track!

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