Czech Baja Challenge Race Report!

Wed, 16th July 2008

LESTR BAJA CUP 2008 During April and May within of the SAVAGE CUP races continued the qualification for final LESTR BAJA CUP 2008. Altogether participated in it 13 drivers, who have formed teams and then taken part in the final 6 hour race.

On Sunday 15th June 2008 was realized for the first time in Czech Republic the endurance race with HPI Baja cars on the beautiful track in Most – ?epyrohy. This track is designed for 1/8 Off-road cars, it is 295 m long, at least 4 m broad, and the surface is a pretty hard clay, so it means a lot of drifting actions. In the race finally took part 5 teams per 4 drivers and 2 cars. The qualification decided about the positioning on starting grid, consisting in 2 rounds about 20 minutes, during which the drivers could alternate as they wanted, and the fastest lap was counted. Just after the qualification was over, it was clear that the race will be very well balanced and that we can look forward to nice fights. The TQ gained Monster Truck Team Teplice with the lap-time 36,936 s. made by Michal Hladik. From the second place started Lestr Models Racing Team with the best time 37,057 s. The rest of the teams reached the laps in about 40 s. At 11 o´clock has started the 6 hours race, and nobody knew before what can happen. After one hour racing everything was going quite easily and the difference between first three teams was only three laps. The race was headed by the Monster Truck Team Teplice until the lap nr. 73, in which they had problems, and that represented the loss 3 minutes. Since that moment it came on the first place Lestr Models Racing Team, which stayed then on this leading position till to the end of the race. A hard test for everybody was a heavy rain that came twice time, but only for a short period. With this weather changes they came problems for most of the teams and they have lost more and more laps on the first Lestr Models RT. The worst bad luck had Baja Team Praha, which repaired both of his cars for more than 12 minutes and has fallen from the third to the fifth position. The fight about the privilege to form a team that will take part in final race in Spain, continued till to last minutes. Thanks to the good balanced performance of drivers and trouble-free cars, it was the Lestr Models Racing team that will form the team for final race in Spain. On the second place has ended the Monster Truck Team Teplice, which seamed to be pretty fast, and not having so many troubles, they could fight with Lestr Team side by side from beginning till to the end. On third place has ended the team Kakojama Prague, with loss of 59 laps on the second team. 1. LESTR MODELS Racing Team - 524 laps - 6:00,26 - best lap 34,86 Drivers: Václav Strupek jun., Jakub Bart?n?k, Jakub Plecha?, Jan Morávek 2. MONSTER TRUCK TEPLICE - 507 laps - 6:00,44 - best lap 33,85 Drivers: Ji?í D?di?, Michal Hladík, Jaroslav Rulf, Ji?í Halinský 3. KAKOJAMA RT Praha - 448 laps - 6:00,20 - best lap 35,77 Drivers: Stanislav + Jakub + Michal Mrázek, Pavel ?ešátko 4. TEAM BAJA Teplice - 433 laps - 6:00,11 - best lap 39,46 Drivers: Petr Prejsa, Radek Halaška, Jaroslav Bureš, Aleš ?ihák 5. BAJA TEAM Praha - 363 laps - 5:51,29 - best lap 37,57 Drivers: Ji?í Dostál, Petr Volf, Jaroslav Kre?mer, Jan Budínský For complete results, just click here! Check out the online photo album of the race here! For full details about the Baja Endurance Challenge Series, check it out here!

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