Iceland Baja Race Results!

Wed, 2nd July 2008

Sunday, June 29th '08, was the day of Baja Challenge in Reykjavik Iceland. The race was held on a new 300m off-road track in Reykjavik, and ran for 2 hours. Each Baja had a team of 2 persons, one driver and the other pit guy, which changed places at the hour mark. Each team was given a name, Team Tomo, Team 101 and Team Bullies.

Team 101 Bragi Gudfinnson and Bjorn Kristinsson Team Tomo Birgir Kristinsson and Sigurjon Sigurjonsson Team Bullies Daniel Hinriksson and Loftur G. Mattiasson The weather was not pleasant, with very strong winds and temperatures just above 0°C (even the Weather service issued snow storm warnings for the weekend!), but we tuft it up and started the race. Driving a Baja 5b in a track designed for 1/8 is not easy but after few laps you get used to it and start driving faster, and the fastest lap of the race was less then a second slower than a 1/8 track-modified Savage(which won the first round Iceland monster-championship 2 weeks earlier). You could ever use the Baja's powerful 26cc engine to drift some corners time and again. The only problem encountered was the air-filter got filled with dust on 2 of the Baja's. They withstood astounding punishment and bad crashes (see photos) and all finished the race.

The race was very close and exciting, with the lead changing hands often and all Bajas on the same lap for most of the race, that meant no relaxing or slowing down. The driving was more like in a Grand Prix race than an Endurance race. Team 101 won the race with 140 laps, with Team Tomo 2nd and Team Bullies 3rd finishing just half a lap later. The driving distance was about 42 Km. Check out this 7-minute video of the race, edited down from 2 hours!

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