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#86983 - Тяга - ALUMINUM 4-40x53mm (ORANGE)


This orange anodized Aluminum Turnbuckle is a genuine HPI option part for the steering linkage on Cup Racer cars. Machined from lightweight aluminum and orange anodized for a custom look. It uses reverse threads on each end to allow you to easily fine tune the steering without removing any links. This part can also be used in other applications that require a 4-40x53mm turnbuckle. Each package contains one turnbuckle. ALSO AVAILABLE: #87072 ALUMINUM HEX HUB (0mm OFFSET/ORANGE/2pcs) #87075 ALUMINUM HEX HUB (4mm OFFSET/ORANGE/2pcs) #87263 MAIN CHASSIS (WOVEN GRAPHITE / 2.5mm) #87264 UPPER DECK (WOVEN GRAPHITE / 2.0mm)

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