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#67967 - Шины 1/5 передние HB DOUBLE BLADES (Blue/Baja 5B/2шт)

For HPI Baja 5B

Снято с производства

The Hot Bodies off-road tire range has expanded to fit the 1/5th scale Baja 5B from HPI! Equip your Baja buggy or truck with a full range of awesome performance-oriented tires for the front and rear, including Rodeoo, Proto and Khaos rear tires, plus the exclusive HB Double Blade 2WD front tires! Use HB Baja tires to put the hurt on the opposition!

White compound is medium, great for practice and all-around use. Blue compound is firm for high-bite tracks.

The HB Double Blades are just like the traditional multi-groove 2WD fronts that have been around for years. These are perfect for smooth, high-bite tracks and provide precise steering with their compact and straight profile.

#67966 HB DOUBLE BLADES TIRE (White/Baja 5B/Front/2pcs) 
#67967 HB DOUBLE BLADES TIRE (Blue/Baja 5B/Front/2pcs)

The HB Rodeoo tires are designed for all-around performance specifically for the Baja 5T. Scaled up from our proven 1/10 scale short course tread, the HB Rodeoo is ready to bring your Baja 5T to a new level in performance. Racers know tires are the single best upgrade you can buy for your truck and these are the best tires available. Good for use on a wide variety of surfaces but best suited for track performance. Pick up some HB Rodeoo tires for your 5T today!

#67864 HB RODEOO TIRE White/Baja 5T/Front/2pcs) 
#67865 HB RODEOO TIRE Blue/Baja 5T/Front/2pcs) 
#67867 HB RODEOO TIRE White/Baja 5T/Rear/2pcs)
#67868 HB RODEOO TIRE Blue/Baja 5T/Rear/2pcs)

The HB Proto tires give you fantastic all-around traction and performance on nearly every surface! These are a great all-purpose tire that performs great on hard-packed dirt, grass, loose surfaces and even tarmac, so for racing, practice or just playing around, this is should be one of your top choices!

#67969 HB PROTO TIRE (White/Baja 5B/Rear/2pcs) 
#67970 HB PROTO TIRE Assembled (Blue/Baja 5B/Rear/2pcs)

HB Khaos tires are perfect for loose dirt, clay, blue groove and damp tracks. They also work great on hard surfaces with a scattering of dust on top. The tire body has hundreds of wide rectangular lugs spaced around the carcass, providing excellent forward traction and mud-slinging ability to keep the treads clear and the tire free from dirt build-up. The square sides of the treads give supreme cornering grip for extra confidence in technical track sections. Running down the centre of the tire is a double row of tread blocks spaced even farther apart for excellent straight-line stability at high speeds. The carcass shape makes it perfect for rutted and bumpy terrain, because the curved sidewall doesn't dig in and cause grip-rolling through too much traction.

#67972 HB KHAOS TIRE (White/Baja 5B/Rear/2pcs) 
#67973 HB KHAOS TIRE Assembled (Blue/Baja 5B/Rear/2pcs)

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