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#4742 - Колеса багги 1/5 передние - TARMAC BUSTER M (170x60mm) 2шт

Baja 5B/Front/170x60mm/1pair/Mounted with Foam Inserts/Black Wheel

Снято с производства, Замена: #4837

With a set of Tarmac Buster Rib Tyres front and rear, Baja 5B owners can take their dune-smashing beasts to the road! Slap on a set of pre-assembled Tarmac Buster tyres to take on tarmac and concrete surfaces and save the wear and tear on your spiked off-road tyres. Tarmac Buster tyres are made from a tough rubber compound for long life and great handling on paved surfaces.

Keep a set handy in your spares bag for when you have to run on tarmac! #4742 MOUNTED TARMAC BUSTER RIB TIRE M COMPOUND (FRONT) #4743 MOUNTED TARMAC BUSTER RIB TIRE M COMPOUND (REAR)

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